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The blat before THE BLAT

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Sunday, June 24. So far, we have 3 cars: Me, Scott Lentz, and Russell Strough


Any other takers?


Starts with breakfast, ends at lunch. Route to be determined... local MD/NoVA roads.


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Pretty sure I can make it, if you don't mind an Elise tagging along.


EburgE-keep an eye on that ali and green Rotus...that's no four banger lurking under the bonnet!

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Alright everyone... Proposed Route for Sunday:


Start at Falls Grove shopping center, on shady grove road (near I 270).


take 270 N to Exit for Rt 121 (Clarksburg Rd)


121N to Prices Distillary Rd. (Make Left)


Prices Distillary Rd., merges with 75


Continue of Green Valley Rd (75 N)


Make left on Finger Board Rd. (80), then right on Green Valley Rd. (75 N)


Cross Rt. 40 and 144 and continue on 75 N


Make left on Beaver Dam Rd.


Make left at Lackery Rd.


Make left at Bunker Hill Rd.


Make left at Handboard Rd.


Hit 75 South


I don't quite know how long this route is yet. A total guestimate is 3 hours of driving to get back to I-270.


I propose we meet at Falls Grove shopping center (across from Shady Grove hospital) at 7:30 AM and pull out at 8 AM. There is a safeway, starbucks, and krispy cream there.


I don't have any idea about a good lunch place.

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All, a SLIGHT change of plans...


Scott Lentz found out that the local chapter of PCA (Porsche Club of America), and they are running a similar route at pretty much the same time we are.


Scott contacted Ken Bullough from PCA, and they have agreed to have us tag along.


We will still meet and start from the same time and place, and join the PCA folks at Mt. Airy.


Here is a description of their event. I think it sounds great. I will send the people who have expressed an interest already an email shortly.


This route will take us through 2 little known tunnels, 3 covered bridges, following the Civil War Trail through very historic areas of Maryland and down the Catoctin Watershed. The scenery on this tour is breathtaking. Three breaks are planned along route arriving 1:30pm at the scenic PB Dye Golf Club for lunch. The restaurant is excellent and the prices extremely reasonable. There will be some tremendous photo opportunities on this run so bring the cameras and/or video equipment.



Bring a full tank of gas, an appetite, money for food ($20 should more than cover the meal), and a FRS or GMRS handheld radio (tuned to channel 7, subchannel 21) if you own one! It’s not a necessity to own a radio but it makes it easier for us to keep in contact. Gina and I picked up our radios at Costco for $75.00 which included 3 radios, charger base and earbuds.



Please join us for this incredible run!



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Oi! Play nice with those Porsches, boys....since I know Lentz has a Stuttgart product, hopefully he'll keep the charge of the light brigade in check.


Nah, what fun would that be.:D


Don't break anything gentlemen. Save it for July 7th...:_deadhorse:

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man, that was a LONG day. I think about 150 miles total. The route would have been alright for 3 cars, but we were 3 sevens with 70 porsches. Imagine 73 cars pulling up to stop signs and trying to make left turns :ack:


On the plus side, got to meet another two members... Jeff and Harold :thumbs:


Jeff drives a beautiful blue WCM car. Harold showed up in a shiney Elise... As things worked out, we didn't get a chance to give Harold a ride in our sevens :(. Hopefully next time.


Russ and Scott rounded out the seven related folks, although Scott brought his black 944 Turbo :cool: :cool: :cool:


I took a few pics...


http://www.usa7s.com/aspnetforum/upload/313165364_CIMG1615 (Small).JPG


http://www.usa7s.com/aspnetforum/upload/32939879_CIMG1616 (Small).JPG


http://www.usa7s.com/aspnetforum/upload/314697769_CIMG1628 (Small).JPG


http://www.usa7s.com/aspnetforum/upload/287293140_CIMG1631 (Small).JPG

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