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  1. Very true, It is nearly always the annual "I'm a tough guy biker poseurs" that create issues.
  2. I entered my 7 in a classic car show, hot rod weekend here in Walla Walla. There were over 400 cars entered. I took best in show for imports. Fielded lots of questions and both young and old loved the car. numerous street rod clubs approached me asking if I would join their club. As they were looking to add a little more variety and broaden the types of cars in the club. The import club wanted me to join as well and do some X-cross events. No one has ever expressed ill will towards my 7. Now, as I lived for several decades around Sturgis and even worked for the guy that started Black Hill
  3. Thanks mods for taking care of that.
  4. Just sold the 7 to a fellow in Victoria, BC. I'm surprised the trailer hasn't had any interest.
  5. You my friend have just found one of the big deterrents to street registered 7 ownership in the USA. ANY car that is newer than 25 years old will generally have to have been "flown under the radar" to get it registered. Of course flying so low means one is close to hitting the trees. Perhaps you need to look at importing an older one from the UK as those are DOT/EPA exempt and a breeze to register. Even figuring in the cost of shipping the UK prices for 7's are rather cheap compared with the inflated US prices. I brought mine home from Europe and it was older than 25 years. It was a very
  6. Values on sevens? Well that depends on one's point of view. If you are buying a seven, They are all a POS and not worth a dime. If you are selling one, They are as good as gold.
  7. Thanks for the hint dingo. As fate would have it. I'm on my way to Vancouver Island next week and the 7 is coming along. lo & behold. A fella on the island is interested in the 7. Hopefully the car & trailer will be gone on one feel swoop.
  8. They are stored under the back of the trailer and are 5Ft long.
  9. On my 1983 there are three switches associated with the headlamps. The main rocker off/city lights/main lights. Then there are two of the large toggles. One is the flash to pass that activates the high beams. And the low/high beam switch.
  10. Car & trailer have been sold.
  11. That's exactly what I experienced using two stroke oil/gas in 4 stroke machines of all kinds that sat for long periods. That is how I stored my motorcycles over the long South Dakota winters. I haven't cleaned a lawn implement or motorcycle carb in a great many years.
  12. 50:1 two stroke oil works great. Don't laugh it really does. Lubes the top end as well.
  13. Just have an extra set of wheels for winter use and mount Hankook, Michelin or some other winter tires of your choice. They work great for cool & wet/damp conditions. I'm in much cooler Walla Walla and have had mine out a few times lately. I also lived with a seven in Germany (very Seattleish weather) me nor my seven melted or turned to rust.
  14. I once hired a gal to drive my 18 wheeler. It was my first two week holiday in many years. While on holiday I was calling nearly every night and asking "is every thing going OK?" She finally said STOP CALLING! If something goes wrong I'll call you. Now go enjoy your time off. I never gave it a thought that by calling her constantly that I was saying in effect that I didn't trust her to do the job that I hired her to do. I didn't call again and every thing went fine. For her it was like traveling with kids. Are we there yet? Are we there yet? A hundred times a mile.
  15. After having done the Ring with my Zed 4 while living in Germany. I could see that doing track days is right up there with a heroin addiction, But way more expensive.
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