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  1. Tom, I don't feel so bad, looks like I was in good company. Please add Bev and I to the list of attendees. I hope to work on getting Bev to drive in the Green group this year. I am really looking forward to driving Thunderbolt unobstructed this time! Thanks, Dave
  2. If you still need the Datalog software, send me a PM. I use the Pectel software on my Zetec.
  3. Tom, No. Car is sitting waiting for new timing belt pulleys. The idler pulley bearing disintegrated. I cracked one of the front fenders at the mounting bolt (thanks to one of the many bad spots on the roads here). I have not driven it much this year. I had hoped to work on it this year and paint it, but too many other things have taken priority.
  4. Tom, Add me to the list. I have my room reserved, Bev and I are looking forward to another year with everyone. Dave
  5. Todd, Thanks for posting a couple of excellent driving videos. I see so many videos of cars that are being thrown around and the driver is so animated with yanking the wheel back and forth trying to squeeze too much speed out of their car. Your video is an excellent example of smoothness and consistency and the speed that is rewarded by doing so. I was surprised to see the Mustang at the end of the race in the first video. It looked to me like when it was just the 2 of you in the second video, he was able to slow you up enough in the first couple turns after the straight that it enabled h
  6. I am jealous! Maybe one day I will move to Montana where a vehicle driven year round will last a while before it turns into a pile of rust! Dave
  7. I contacted Dave Cope a couple of times. He was not able to help me. Here is the information on my car. Much of it I received from the original owner. Vehicle Description This is the ULTIMATE Superformance S1 (Lotus 7 replica car). The Superformance S1 was produced until 2004. This car is number 50 of about 56 cars produced. The car came from the factory as a rolling unit with only the installation of the engine and transmission required to complete the car. This car was produced in 2003 and was built up by the original owner in Ohio. I purchased the car used in 2005. I
  8. I would like to try my S1 in the snow, if it were not for the caustic salt and liquid paint remover they put on the roads in MD/PA. I put it away at the first application of that stuff and keep it there until the rain has cleaned the roads off. I had a 95 Mitsubishi Montero SR that I loved. It was the best all round vehicle I have ever owned. That crap took all the paint off under the vehicle and it was falling apart from corrosion. I took it to a metal recycler and the worker who told me where to drop it off, asked me why I was getting rid of it. I told him to go look under the vehicle. He tu
  9. Thanks guys for the good words for the S1. Thanks Mike and Shane for posting the pics and video. I really like my S1. The car as delivered is a great car, but I have spent a lot of time on mine to get it where it is now. I lucked out in that the original owner did a great job with the engine setup (Zetec), and type 9 trans with a Quaife Clubman Semi-helical rally gear set. It does really well on the track. I found with this setup though, it is only mediocre for autocross. My red-line, 8500 rpm, takes me to 65 mph in 1st gear. As far as what do you do about parts, so far I have had to take
  10. Mike, If I brought a camping trailer down, can I set it up at in the Paddock of Lightning for both days? And is there a cost to do that? Thanks, Dave
  11. Dave's avatar is from 2005 when it first showed up in the garage. No, it has not been painted yet! :banghead: It needs touch up work first.
  12. Count me and Bev in. We have attended the previous 5 years. Wouldn't miss the event for anything.
  13. Yeah, but it still looks beautiful. The picture looks like a great ride! It sucks with it getting dark so early now. I am looking for a day like that on a day when I have time to get mine out. Dave D
  14. Yeah, and all the wings and rubber to try and get that power those extra pistons are making to the ground!!!! Would love to see you use that power without them, like most of the rest of us. :willy_nilly:
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