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  1. Oh vey. These are tired tropes. Speaking of BS. There are literally no good points here. It isn’t “Science” with a capital S like it is some sort of magic, it is hypothesis, testing, revisions to hypothesis and merciless scrutiny to peer review. I love racing and cars but c’mon guys we can do better than this. https://skepticalscience.com/William_Happer_arg.htm
  2. I really enjoyed this discussion. I didn’t take the plunge on buying a seven (and regretted it as I did not enjoy the heaviness of the Mustang at track days). I later enjoyed a Miata much more. I hope that Caterham gets the intent of this thread and gets their version of an electric racer as light as they can. To add to vovchandr’s thoughts from reviewing track (and towing for trucks) range: track range is far, far different from EPA range. Frankly, I think the best we can hope for is that approx. 2k lbs weight discussed. If they can pull off 1,800 lbs then maybe we are really talking. In the
  3. I am conflicted on the topic. I loved my old v8s but sold them all to go electric. Now I eagerly await a truly great two-seater electric track/street car. Nothing would fit that bill better than an e-cat! The current technology challenge is keeping the battery cool when discharging at the higher rates of racing. The tech is getting closer and closer, however. I think we are talking years, not decades. Plus, I suspect that racing will be one of the last places we see gas hanging around. Motorcycle riders who have switched to electric love the relative quiet of electric (but don’t yet love the r
  4. Two pieces of news: an ambitious (unrealistic?) 2023 target date and partnering agreement with Morgan (much more realist effort). https://www.autocar.co.uk/car-news/new-cars/electric-seven-due-2023-first-caterham-ev
  5. Looks like the start of an Exocet kit to me? If so, exciting build.
  6. Tremendous! I started to get sucked in but work calls! I've got something to look forward to: sequential gearbox and much better lines than I can manage -- apparently all across Europe. Nice!
  7. I suspect there are many like this. I read — with a focus on croc’s listings twice a week. Someday I fully expect I will find an Illinois titled seven built for a tall dude and pull the trigger. Now, I just need you all to post more track vids and I will be happy. 😆
  8. "Discreet" is lost on me. I'd be there in a flash if I could sell my Saleen Mustang. Nice car but I regret buying it instead of what I really wanted: a fast seven. If anyone knows someone in the market for a SC Mustang let me know.
  9. I seem to recall that somebody had a good link for the background story on do goblin somewhere. I searched but couldn't find it. Anyone remember? Thanks!
  10. Thank you pk. The M stalker went for $30,250. That was a great deal for somebody.
  11. The M class Stalker hasn't sold/met its reserve in a couple of eBay auctions. Does anybody here know the seller or what he's really looking for?
  12. I agree with the note as to price point and the comparison to the Exocet. If he can keep the price comparable, get it even a little lighter and offer something a little more attractive, he might be on to something. I have long delayed buying a Stalker kit in part due to cost -- and long considered an Exocet even when it was UK only. As far as volume, look at Exocet's US numbers. They are very impressive. I would be a potential customer. . .
  13. Thank you for posting Shane and good luck with your recovery. Any of us who participate in track day events need to think long and hard about this. You've provided one example of dozens of things that can go wrong. The educational value alone is invaluable. I'm going to be thinking very hard about five point belts and a HANS device. It's a big expense for some of us but. . . My wishes follow everyone else's: a speedy and complete recovery.
  14. Tremendous work. I hope we save this for whenever I get around to my build, maybe in five more years. Also tremendous toenail polish on the last picture in post #265. ;-)
  15. Indeed, great work and attention to the details.
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