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  1. I took my first 7 to Arch to get a lowered floor fitted. I was slightly perturbed when they jacked the car up on a forklift truck to work on the underside
  2. Hi all What a wonderfully sparkly new forum site we have here - very impressed. Spoke to @Croc over the weekend and he told me about all of the good work that had been put into upgrading the site, so I just had to get over here to check it out for myself Thought I'd take a moment to say hello (again) after being away from this site for some time. I'm a Brit living in MA. When I lived in the UK I had a couple of Caterhams. First off was an ex-Academy car and then I had an SV for touring duties. Played about with the idea of getting a 7 when I first came
  3. Hi folks. Not been on this site in some time, mainly due to deciding that 7 ownership in MA wasn't going to be a feasible proposition, for now at least. I still keep up with the 7-related goings-on in the UK via BlatChat and I recently came into contact with Anker, who has now joined this group. I've also noticed that there are a few 7's in the Boston area that weren't around when I moved here 5 years ago. I'm trying to get in touch with a couple of 7 owners in particular to see if they want to join me and some mates on some events we are planning to run this year. The first i
  4. Hi Mike. Checking my calendar it looks like we will miss each other. I will be in London from 29 May for 4 days. I've also got a trip to NYC lined up - but unfortunately this will be when you are in the UK!
  5. No direct experience, but I'll ask the guys in my local classic car club as I know that they have been there in years gone by. It is a couple of hundred miles for me, but I could be tempted to pop across there this year.
  6. Great write-up, Mike. As someone who has attended BaT days in the UK (Donny and Anglesey) in my own 7, I can echo everything that Mike has said about them. I'm back in the UK mid May for a couple of weeks, but one of those weeks I'm working in London and the other week I've promised to take the wife to the Lake District for a holiday - so no chance of me doing a track day this time round :-(
  7. I'm just trying to de-clutter as a precursor to a house move. I have copies of Low Flying from Jan 2015 to date. Might be of interest to a Caterham owner who is not a member of the Lotus Seven Club. Free to a good home, but would prefer collection / meet at somewhere like a Larz Anderson car show rather than trying to post (which I'm guessing would be costly). I live on the outskirts of Boston. No great rush to dispose of them immediately - happy to hang on to them for a while if needed.
  8. Holy thread resurrection, BatMan With the upheaval of the move to the US and a pretty hectic first few months once I got over here, I totally forgot about this thread. I'm just in the process of moving to another property in Boston and I came across the hood bag and hood. Unfortunately the Petty Strut didn't make it onto the boat for some reason (my brother in law has confirmed that the strut is still in my garage back in the UK). So, the SV hood bag and SV full hood are still available. I will PM the people who originally expressed an interest to give them first dibs.
  9. I heard that your team were going on strike, Mike? :jester: SmallShinyAnt - where in the UK do you hail from and where are you living in the US now?
  10. Thanks Skip. I popped to the Main Stealers yesterday and it turned out to be a bit of a wasted journey (though I did get to test drive a couple of cars). Their very best "I'm cutting my own throat here" 'deal' that they could manage increased my monthly payments by a third! They reckoned that they could get a better deal if I came back in August (at which point Ford would write off the last 3 lease payments). This gives me a bit more time to get round the various other (non-Ford) dealerships that have been contacting me recently - will see if those mythical, too good to be true deals f
  11. Gents, I have no idea of 'the value' (if any) of trading my daily driver early. I have a Ford Escape that I have leased for 3 years / 31,500 miles. Now 2 1/2 years into the lease I'm getting contacted by the Ford Main Stealer as well as other dealerships inviting me to trade in my current lease early for a new car. Ford has indicated that I can have a new car for 'about the same as you are paying now'. The car I have is fine and I could happily carry on driving it for another 6 months. I can't work out whether it is in my interest to see the lease out or to go for something new now?
  12. I was with my friend yesterday when we brought an MGC over the border from Canada. The process itself was pretty painless with the car being over 25 years old. Took the CBP Officers a little while to work out exactly what they had to do with the forms - fortunately there was an old hand on duty who they were able to call upon so it only took about 15 minutes once he got involved. This was after they spent a good 10 minutes going through my passport (checking every individual stamp in the book as well as my US and India visas) and grilling me on my immigration status and trips to the US prio
  13. A friend put this new BAT page on my FaceBook wall, which sparked a conversation and a bit of harmless spitballin' (Mike, don't tell Jayne about this thread). With exchange rates GBP - USD as they are right now, I could buy a 7 in the UK of about '94 vintage and keep it in the UK for a couple of years (using it for summer holidays touring France or Scotland and maybe the odd BaT day with Mike :jester:). Something like this would equate to just north of $17k. When it gets to 25 years old, import it to the US. What's not to like???? Chances of this happening are about the same as Trump
  14. Someone on BC, Grubbster I think, posted about a DIY wrap and I'm pretty sure that his conclusion was that it wasn't worth the hassle - pay someone to do it.
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