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  1. I am definitely interested in this, motivation to get my 7 back together for spring.
  2. This...and what Vovchandr said is the best advice. Drive defensively. I've been riding motorcycles for nearly 40 years and I've always applied the lessons learned from that to driving my small cars, TR6, Spitfire, Z3, M Roadster and now my Caterham(twice). Always assume that nobody else sees you and they are about to do the worst thing possible. Not out of fear, because you would never drive again, but out of survival. I've had brightly colored bikes and dark colored bikes and I'm not sure it makes a difference but others mileage probably varies. Lights on all the time does, highbeams durin
  3. Thanks Andy, This will be helpful as I gather information. Bill
  4. Thanks John, I’ll add those to the list. Does that set up have good street mannners? While the engine is out I’m going to address some seepage that I didn’t see before so it’s going to take a little longer than I had hoped.
  5. The pressure plate is from Centerforce, but from the records the PO installed a Ford performance clutch. Also the flywheel, which looks a little burnt, is aluminum from Indigospeed, I couldn't find much info on them. The clutch can't have more than 7k on it in the last 12 years. I haven't raced it and I don't think it's been through anything other than occasional autocross events by POs. Should I be looking for some underlying cause or just consider this normal? I've contacted Josh at RMC but he didn't have anything other than a smaller clutch plate in stock, but did say that he would look
  6. I pulled the engine/tranny last weekend, separated the two to get to the slave cylinder and...chunks, of clutch plate.
  7. John, Condolences, that's funny. I actually just ordered both from Rock Auto for delivery tomorrow afternoon, I'll just return the unused one. I want to get through it this weekend if possible so unless there is an issue with the clutch I should be all set. I will update once I'm into it. Bill
  8. Thanks John. That's a big help. I've read your build thread since the beginning but didn't remember you covering it, old brain. Bill
  9. So, I changed the clutch master cylinder with the Wilwood unit, bled it thoroughly and nothing. No or little resistance right to the floor. I'm pulling the motor this weekend, should be fun... I have a Zetec with a 5 speed, according to the order sheet from Sevens and Elans it was ordered with the upgraded 5 speed, whatever that is. Is the clutch slave cylinder a common piece for these or is it a matter of pulling it and matching it up? I understand it should be a stock Ford cylinder but doing research it seems like there could be some variation. I plan on inspecting everything to be s
  10. Anyone have any feedback regarding the Girling unit versus the Wilwood?
  11. Thanks guys. The peddle goes right to the floor with limited resistance. At first it offered some resistance but not now. Interesting about the seals, I'll look at that as well.
  12. Hello, I don't post much but read this forum regularly, this and occasionally blatchat. If I have a question about something or just looking for general info it is usually found within these two sites. I have a question that I've not seen. The other day, driving the 7 to work, I thought I heard an unusual noise. There are so many noises driving this car that I'm not absolutely certain. Regardless, I lost the clutch. No grinding noises, no thumping sounds, nothing seemed out of order, just no clutch. If I remember correctly I was downshifting to 3rd. I was able to rev match it to get to m
  13. Carl, I am happy to have the Caterham back. I drive it mostly for weekend jaunts and occasionally drive it to work just so I can take the long way home. I don't track the car so spirited country drives provide all the excercise it gets. Bill
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