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  1. Schroth has a Caterham specific belt that utilizes their anti-sub tech. Whatever you do, don't let cost drive the safety train.
  2. Not all tires are created equal, and environment plays a major role as well. My date code '14 CR500's were cracking pretty badly on the inside sidewall as of early '19. The car is stored inside and doesn't spend a lot of time out in the sun - I think the Avons might just be built a little lighter (they are, but you know what I mean). I've seen other tires hold on for a lot longer but any tires that sit around for more than a few years need to be inspected, it's simply not worth an accident. All that said, it's a great excuse to drive the Cat as intended - the tires aren't making it out al
  3. One would argue that's a bit of the idea with the 620? To have more of a crazy ride.. My 485 rips pretty well but doesn't have any traction issues as long as you're pointed straight - I'm also at 7500 ft above sea level so power is comparatively down a lot. I imagine at sea level the 485 is pretty insane, and needs the tall 1st gear much more to manage low speed traction. Given the altitude if I had a shot at a 620 I'd go for it, otherwise the 485 isn't going anywhere. (I hope)
  4. Yep, for now it's just one of those things. It's not like the lean code I've had that taps me out at 6k rpm. Since performance isn't impacted I'm not especially bothered, but it's nice to learn more about the little thing!
  5. I made several trips in the car today and didn't experience any symptoms - ran like a top. I did however have the CEL come on again with the same code. It cleared fine and two more drive cycles didn't bring it back. I can't say under what circumstances the light appears - I can't keep an eagle eye on the cluster and it's difficult to see the light anyway. A quick poke around underneath the rear revealed the module on the left side of the vehicle, but all connections seem snug and wires in good shape. I only visualed what I could see from crawling around underneath.
  6. Thanks again Croc, you're a wealth of information! To the best of my knowledge the car did come in through hillbank back in 2014 with ten or so other Caterhams. From there it was sent to the Florida dealer where it sat until they folded. Marshall Goldman bought their remaining inventory from auction and I got it from them. It had only been through the dealers and was never otherwise titled or registered. I think I got it with around 100 miles on it. I don't need emissions checks in my county, no. I'll have to look into the info I have, at one point I did get some build info from Cat
  7. I found this under the battery - looks like the ECU to me. I drove the car around some and of course, didn't experience any issues. I will take it out on my normal Saturday rounds and see what happens.. - Tim
  8. Thanks Croc! Yes, I guess I could have given more information. I'm using a standard issue cheap-o bluetooth OBD reader plugged into the port as installed in the car by Caterham - or whoever built that aspect of the car. The car came "new" to me and is stock, at least in terms of ECU etc. I've had some codes previously indicating a lean condition and limiting revs to 6k. I replaced my MAF (previous one had taken an oil bath due to my ignorance) and haven't really seen that one again. I'm going to need to drive the car some more to figure out exactly what's going on when it happens but
  9. Gents, Toward the end of a 250 mile rip a few weeks back I was greeted with engine code P025a which seems to be tied to the fuel pump module. I had the light, but no symptoms. Fast forward a week and the car began stalling when I entered a coasting condition - at least at lower (parking lot) speeds. The engine will restart and run fine, but stalls when you close the throttle or kick it into neutral for a moment. At this point I have the symptom, but not the light. Any experience with something like this? I'm slowly learning all about this little guy, haven't messed with the fuel
  10. I got a graphics kit from these guys: https://www.street-race.org/catalog/328/caterhamfullracingstripekits Install wasn't bad with two people. Lots of measuring and eyeballing to get things right. I did the broad central stripe flanked by two thinner stripes, so plenty to get lined up. Came out nice though and really sets the car off I think. Congratulations on the 620! That thing is going to be insane. I want a ride next time I'm up in the Seattle area.
  11. Newly machined assembly is in and the difference is actually more notable than I thought it'd be. One of my british car buddies remarked that I am "un-Lotusing" the car with these sort of improvements :smilielol5:
  12. To update this: I took that longer drive and got the car really and truly fully warmed through. The condition persisted, though not as dramatically. This is certainly new behavior, so nothing 'normal' about the extent of the temp swing. A bit of swing I could see, but this is a drop of like 20C. New thermostat is in the car, currently waiting on the temp sender, which I figured I may as well do while the system is drained again. I'll report back in a couple weeks - I miss driving the stupid little thing!
  13. You can change them in the car (SV, anyway) - gonna be a job though. Main hurdle will be getting the torque-to-yield crank bolt out, and sourcing new diamond friction washers for crank/cams. Everything in front of the motor between the motor and next chassis tubes needs to come out obviously. In my case this meant the oil tank needed to come out. All in all it's not a bad job, just make sure you source all the critical parts such as the diamond washers, crank bolt, cam plate (tool) and timing pin bolt (tool) ahead of time.
  14. Does anyone have a line on some fixed back composite seats? Just throwing it out there. I know they're available from Caterham, and Tillett USA.
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