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  1. Glad she made ok Roman. I'm sure you guys will have lots of fun with her.
  2. Thanks for the info Sparky. I will have to set up a web site at another host I guess. Until then I will be glad to send some information if you want. The S2K has as much or more knee room then other 7's. It also has adjustable pedals so my 6ft 200lbs fit comfortably. The S2k tunnel is not centered width wise , so the driver has a couple of inches more room then the passenger. The foot room is on the small side, but my 10.5's have no problems. If you would like to give her a look, I can drive down and meet you half way someplace. If it was not so hot we could go drive the Backbone. She
  3. I have been lurking on this thread, and I decided to let you guys know I think I will sell Goldie. She is an amazing car with a distinguished history, but I want to finish some other projects (and start a few) and I don't have enough room these days. Aront, Goldie sounds like it would fit your requirements better then most 7's, as the S2k-R has a bigger cockpit and more leg room. If you want a 2nd opinion on Goldie, WestTexasS2K knows the car, you can ask him. Others around the group know the car as well, or pick up the Feb. 05 issue of Kit Car Builder. She was on the cover, and the
  4. I just use the ball cap and motorcycle (polarized) sunglasses. I also add ear protection muffs that I added a motorcycle intercom system with a place to add input from my i-pod. I found this drastically reduced stress and made road trips with my wife much better when we could talk easier, and had some music if we wanted. She listens to the music most of the time, I find the car makes enough music for me :-) The muffs make the comfort lever much better as they help with the buffeting on my left ear. If it is very cold, I wear a full face helmet.
  5. Thanks Mondo. I would love to see the LM complete also but I decided not to use Pearl and that is the car it was to go on. Also I have way too much going on right now, so I think I will sell the body to someone that wants to use it on an existing S2K. I may even sell Pearl if I can't sell some other cars soon. I need to buy a car for my Daughter and family comes before toys..
  6. Hello. My name is Chris Austin, and I also live in the Metroplex. I have been reading this thread and thought I would chime in. Sorry I took so long, I don't get on line much sometimes as I travel for work as you do. I also am an Engineer (aircraft) and my background and experience sound similar to yours. I was into motorcycles for years, but decided my chance of getting killed was more important then the fun of the sport. I decided to find a safer substitute, and the Seven fits the bill perfectly. I agree with basically everyone here, and the bottom line is what you want in both the bui
  7. Thanks Jerry. I love your car also. It was my desktop background on my PC for some time. See ya around. Chris S2K kit inwork and "Goldie"
  8. Hello to all. :seeya: Chris Austin here, new group member and 7 car owner from Waxahachie Texas. We’re building an Ultralite S2K, but had the good fortune to be able to buy "Goldie" a couple of weeks ago thanks to Brian Anderson. I live about 5 miles from his place and we are working on several Worldclass Motorsports projects together. Great guy by the way. My Son and I have been into collecting and autocrossing BMW's for years, but wanted to get back to the open-air feel of my motorcycle days, and what better way to do that then in a 7. We attended the Southwest 7 event last weekend
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