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  1. Looks good. good price.............. maybe? Only name on the car is Lotus. Like all the Cobra clones say Cobra. At least the ad says replica.
  2. I couldn't find info on Lotus suing over 7 copies. Did Lotus sue over Elan copies? Colin Chapman's son said they shouldn't have stopped production of the Elan, Lotus sold 16,000, Mazda sold over a million copies (the Miata). in the 1960s, Toyota wanted to show that it was a player on the world automotive scene and they introduced the 2000GT Under the 2000GTs skin, though, the car is a near copy of the Elan’s chassis. There is no question that the Elan’s backbone frame, Chapman strut rear suspension, and general layout was copied by the 2000GT. Other than the two extra engine
  3. I did quite a bit of research before i bought a replica/clone 7. What I found is Lotus super 7's (made by Lotus) are usually the most expensive, they only made 2500, out of those the series 4 was often the lowest priced because they are not liked as much. Caterham's are the only legal continuation of the Lotus 7, they paid for the rights to the design, but they do not use the name Lotus, they are the second highest priced below usually the real Lotus 7 by Lotus. (I don't know if Lotus sued clone makers, Catarham did sue clone/replica makers). All the rest of the super 7's are replicas/clones
  4. 924s

    Caterham OBD2

    I was curious why there was a problem getting OBD2 data on some of these cats so i did a search (after 1995 most cars are OBD2) and those 2 links plus others came up. For low production cars it said that full OBD2 data doesn't have to be available. I have a 95 GTI with an Audi 1.8 20vt swap with 2 different ecu's that are tuned the one that came with the car was locked by the company that tuned it making it hard to access to change maps, it is stage 2 tune 20 psi boost, it still has full OBD2 info which is great for diagnostics, it is a very complicated engine and a powerful ecu which is great
  5. 924s

    Caterham OBD2

    I thought the link content might be helpful, i searched and didn't find similar content, if you don't like it I will delete it.
  6. I did a search to try to get info on Caterham OBD2 diagnostic data, these are 2 of the various links that came up, it did give information on this subject, so i am a bit better informed. This interests me because i have worked with OBD2 generated output on VAG products. https://purplemeanie.co.uk/index.php/2019/08/31/ecu-diagnostics-part-2-ecu-obd-and-can/ https://www.lotus7.club/forum/techtalk/caterham-mbe-ecu-obd-ii-can
  7. Colin Chapman was a pilot and a structual engineer. Tim Dutton was also an engineer, he worked as a consultant to car manufacturers as well as building his own cars. Dutton's cars were over engineered, they were strong. When you look at an early Dutton Phaeton chassis, you do have to be a little impressed at the economy of manufacture to make it quick, easy, and surprisingly strong. when you look at how the steel is cut so the next bit on the length can be used somewhere else with no more work, all open ends are properly capped off with welded plates, so water tigh
  8. fuel pump relay malfunction? Crankshaft or camshaft position sensor defective?
  9. 924s

    Tipo 184

    Re: building a 1938 Alpha Romeo tipo 158 F1 clone/replica..... I own a Lotus 7 clone now, it would be easier to make, buy or have fabricated a 1953 Ferrari 500 F1 car body or a 1938 Alpha 158 F1 body and stick it on my car. instant increase in value. My car at least has a pedigree engine. It is powered by a Fiat Lancia 4 cyl. 2 ltr., dual overheads camshaft designed by Lampredi. lampredi worked for Ferrari designing engines, he later on worked for Fiat, Lancia designing their engines. This famous lampredi 4 cylinder engine was used in cars built by Lotus, Morgan, Fiat, Lancia, Alpha Romeo, (
  10. 924s

    Tipo 184

    Car number 1 sold at auction $100,000 In these pictures it shows Alpha Romeo logos on the front and side, in other photos of the car the logos are missing. Ferrari and Porsche are aggressive in suing over use of their name, there are many examples, CMC a kit car manufacturer in Florida had legal issues, one example was their Porsche 959 replica kit car, Porsche sued them. All the replica Cobras say Cobra on them, The conflicts between Carroll Shelby and various kit car makers are well known and sometimes seem never-ending. Massachusetts-based Factory Five Racing has been at the forefr
  11. 924s

    Tipo 184

    This tipo 184 is a replica of the 1938 Alpha romeo tipo 158 F1 car which had an interesting history: The Alfa Romeo 158/159, also known as the Alfetta (Little Alfa in Italian, is a Grand Prix racing car produced by Italian manufacturer Alfa Romeo. It is one of the most successful racing cars ever produced- the 158 and its derivative, the 159, took 47 wins from 54 Grands Prix entered. It was originally developed for the pre-World War II voiturette formula (1937) and has a 1.5-litre straight-8 supercharged engine. Following World War II, the car was eligible for the new Formula O
  12. 924s

    Tipo 184

    Very nice, really cool ride. These weigh 700 kg, I wonder where the extra weight is compared to the Cat. (after researching the Alpha 158 weighed 700 kg. so maybe he is keeping the same as original). Someone built a 1953 Ferrari 500 F1 replica, it is closer in spec to a Caterham or Lotus 7, 540 kg, 2.0 lt. 4 cyl, 180 hp, 4 speed, de dion rear axle., they sold it for $70,000 (a real one is $5.4 million). small, light, analog = the best rides.
  13. Some Webers have fuel return lines some don't. Some owners block of the return line connection. Usually the return line goes back to the tank. There was a fuel filter with a 3rd fitting for a return line, so the pump would suck from the t
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