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Push-button replacement for Dzus fasteners on Caterham nose.


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This is the item I used to replace all four of the Dzus fasteners on my Caterham.


It required a bit of thought and fettling, but it is completely worth it.  I can remove the nose quickly with no tools.  Replacing it take a bit longer, but still less trouble than dealing with the Dzus bits.


It is more-difficult if you have clamshell fenders attached, but I was successful.  I recommend removing the fenders so that you can drill out the old pop rivets.


I will have a link to pictures soon.

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Here are the pictures.





Once you have installed the conversions. removing the nose is simplicity itself.


Remove engine hood in the usual manner.  You will have to pull up a bit harder on the front hood springs than you are used to, since you have relocated the upper hook.


Stand in front of the car and push in the upper buttons.  The hood will pop out on each side.  Spread the nose until the button-halves clear the balls.


Lift the rear of the nose until the nose slides up over the headlight/fender brackets.  Let the nose rest there.


Push in the lower buttons.  The front of the nose will fall into your hands.  Guide the nose forward away from the car.


To refit:  Reverse the procedure.


Align the lower fasteners first.  Since the fiberglass and the chassis tabs are rather thicker than the sheetmetal these things are designed for, the balls protrude farther.  You will get used to guiding the balls into the holes in the button halves.  Press up the outside rim of each lower button housing with your index and ring fingers.  Your tallman finger will feel the button pop down to match the housing.


Spread the top of the nose as you tilt it down into place.  You may have to move to one side of the car and use one hand to pull rearward on the mouth as your other hand guides the button over the ball. Press in the housing until the button pops out.  Move to the other side of the car and repeat.


You will soon learn to do this without having to look under the car.  No more searching for a Dzus tool, dime or penny.  No more scratches on your clamshell fenders.


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