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  1. Terry, what is the recommended time between rebuilds?
  2. Copying here for any bay area se7eners: http://californiacaterhamclub.com/chat/showthread.php?1969-Nor-Cal-Sevens-picnic After driving today, Tom and I were discussing the sometimes spotty contact between 7 owners and enthusiasts in the area. So we thought it might be good to have a picnic. So I'm thinking, depending on whether it rains or not, maybe Saturday, October 13th or 20th I'll go down to Vasona Lake Park in Los Gatos ($6 for parking, but very safe!) with some basic picnic fare and hang out at one of the first come, first served picnic tables by the creek. Any with a Caterham, Bir
  3. Yes Caterhams are light and I think NA engines are nice, but I'd love to have the HP to blow by a GT3 on the track. It will not happen with a NA engine. Terry, I love the sound of your Rotrex & Hayabusa powered seven. Please post more videos! How is it's drivablity compared to the NA Hayabusa?
  4. Hi Sean, How thick is the spacer? Also what is the throw distance of the bearing? Thanks, Tom
  5. pierats

    Great Video

    That was GREAT! . . . But now I want an upgrade or two.
  6. That is most excellent! Way to go Pee Wee!
  7. I have a set of brooklands on my car. I have a makeshift center mirror, but will be upgrading to either a spa or one of the Racetech mirrors, which are similar but narrower. The exterior mirrors are slightly convex GT style mirrors mounted on tripods. http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4119/4800539825_848b016555.jpg
  8. Wow. I see this and think: "Trees don't move. Really. If you hit one, the tree will not give, your car (or you!) will!!"
  9. I've done a fair share of touring miles. I have a starcom intercom wired into the car. I've used various headsets. The over the ear headsets are convenient, but as Gert says they can get sweaty/sticky on hot days - they are GREAT when it's cold out!. They can also squeeze your head after a few hours of wearing them. A member of se7ens.net worked with Sensorcom to create an in ear solution. They did a group buy but now it seems like they have made it a product: http://www.sensorcom.com/prodtype.asp?PT_ID=346 They work best if you have custom molded earpieces made for them. Th
  10. That is a very nice looking Saab - wish it was a turbo!
  11. Gert, that looks like a great trip. I'm interested. Tom
  12. Check out this article on making your own seat bottom. The plastic bit is available from Oxted Trimming http://www.oxtedtrimming.co.uk/caterhamcars.php http://www.sjmmarsh.f2s.com/Caterham/Foam%20Seat.html
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