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  1. This is a filler made with an o2 sensor bung and plug installed (Summit, Jeggs, etc). I have a cut down engine dipstick with a washer to keep it from dropping through for checking level. My transmissions have a drain installed, but this position for the filler allows a suction to go almost to the bottom. The other photo is of a Quaife top cover.....it helps stiffen the transmission and provide a real vent, but the filler is in the wrong place to be able to easily remove in a Caterham from under the scuttle.
  2. I do know the casting number on both is the same. I have been meaning to order one from Moss Motors and see if they do in fact interchange. Most everything else is Spitfire in the braking system....might make sense they used the MC less the reservoir also.
  3. Be sure you transmission/block alignment it correct. If you are using a block saver and the pan bolts to the transmission, then be sure there is an equal thickness spacer between the pan and the transmission. Might not be the problem but it is something to check. I
  4. If you are running ITB's you don't have much choice since you don't have much of a vacuum source. If you have a throttle body, hook it up to intake vacuum, it will reduce fuel pressure slightly at idle and make injector sizing less of an issue. You can be a little large and still have some latitude at idle.
  5. http://www.usa7s.net/vb/attachment.php?attachmentid=16079&stc=1http://www.usa7s.net/vb/attachment.php?attachmentid=16081&stc=1http://www.usa7s.net/vb/attachment.php?attachmentid=16080&stc=1
  6. I will defend the guys who did this a little....yes they weren't cheap, but Raychem is all well and good if you are building a series of harnesses. For a one off or something the config might change on....you can very well rip it all back out. What if he installs a knock sensor like 1turbofocus recommends? I will admit I never used micro relays, but you can buy the Bosch style relays for 5 or 10 bucks almost anywhere. If you even suspect on is bad....you throw it away.
  7. I agree with 1turbofocus 100% on the oil pump. I have posted a couple times here about the billet gears....not a problem with stock gears and oil pressure, but the harmonics of a 4 cylinder create a tremendous force that can shatter the powdered metal stock gears that fit around the nose of the Zetec crank in a wetsump configuration. It is something you cannot balance out. You actually have 4 choices. Use a dry sump that has a pump that runs off a belt, use billet gears that can handle the battering (much like being hit with a hammer), stay below the 7400 rpm that 1turbofocus advises, or
  8. I need to clear up some garage space. Caterham "7 America RE" Zetec Race One of the last cars built to race in the Caterham US spec series. Raced there and in SCCA for Several years, then in a NASA based series in SLC. It's been sitting in my garage as a spare since 2012. I intended to build it back into a complete car but other projects got in the way. It does have the original MSO and a Texas title, although it was probably not driven on the street. I am selling as a basic chassis with the following items: Stack 8100 Dash with wheel sensor Revision 5 DeDion tube
  9. The brake calipers have the handbrake mechanism so I think they have to be from the rear of a standard Sierra. They are a single piston caliper, and will need something to screw the piston back in to insert new pads. The little tool that comes with most angle grinders works fine.
  10. Front brakes are Spitfire and pads are easy to find. Rears should be Ford Sierra. Carbotech can make you up a nice street or street/track compound for both.
  11. PM me I have blocks and cranks including some brand new.
  12. The main reason for the billet gears is that the stock gears are made of powdered metal and can shatter. The oil pump on a Zetec (wet sump) is around the nose of the crankshaft and subjected to second order vibrations from the four cylinder. This is especially a problem if a the crank balancer (pulley) is replaced with a lightweight aluminum pulley. The front pulley on a Zetec a fairly crude harmonic balancer, but it does absorb some of the vibration that might transfer to the oil pump gears and cause a catastrophic failure. Interestingly enough...NA and NB Miatas can suffer the same p
  13. Hey if you watch this.....go past the first lap. He's just warming up the tires. This is pretty quick, especially considering the number of telephone poles and the real possibility of winding up on someone's porch. Hitting the porta john right on the edge of the course in front of the Walgreens could be special also. He has my respect. No cage, no Hans, probably no fire system, just a lot of fortitude.
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