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Caterham factory-built G7 Race Cars For Sale

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Originally manufactured to compete in a race series at the Bahrain International Circuit, Beachman Racing is now offering the complete 9-vehicle fleet of these purpose-built, pre-owned turn-key race cars for sale.


** It is important to note that these competition vehicles are NOT legal for street use. This is a legal restriction imposed by the EPA **


Built at the factory as a Caterham G7, these cars boast a unique combination of features from the factory:


  • LHD SV DeDion Chassis (2005)
  • Engine - 2.3L Cosworth/Duratec, rated at 200HP
  • CSR dry sump
  • External air-to-liquid oil-cooler
  • Dual fan, CSR radiator
  • 5sp and 6sp CR gearbox
  • Limited-slip differential
  • Motorsport dampers/springs
  • AP Racing brake calipers
  • Uprated AP master cylinder
  • 15" Minilite wheels (15x6 front; 15x7 rear)
  • Full motorsport roll-cage (Superlight) - MSI certified and eligible for SCCA-approval
  • Remote cable-pull fire-suppression system
  • Master disconnect switch on cowl
  • 4-point FIA Caterham race harnesses (eligible through 2017)
  • Composite race seats (installed in 2013)
  • Fuel tank honeycomb panels
  • Boot close-out panels
  • SPA center and side mirrors
  • Original Caterham-issued MSO


To perform in the harsh environment of racing in 110F degree temperatures, these wide (SV) chassis race cars have all of the necessary race components for durability and performance on the race track, including full motorsport roll-cages, dry-sump oiling, uprated oil and water cooling systems, full onboard fire suppression, and a limited slip differential. The engine is based on the larger-displacement Duratec 2.3-liter, configured for a very durable 200HP. A truly unique and capable configuration, in a factory-built race-car.


Utilized in the driving school at BIC, the cars have been professionally maintained, and will be thoroughly refreshed before customer delivery by Beachman Racing, an authorized Caterham Cars agent. Each car may be further optioned and customized at the buyer's request. An unbelievable value in a track-oriented Caterham Seven!


Offered at $35,000 each.


-Bruce Beachman

Beachman Racing



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Have you taken any of them on the track yet?


Yes - I had the opportunity to take the #8 car on-track a few weeks ago, after a quick pre-track inspection. The car ran flawlessly all day, with a leaking gas cap as the only glitch. The #8 car is a 5-speed, and I was easily able to top the car out at the end of the straight at The Ridge, in Shelton, WA. Excellent power, tight suspension, and *phenomenal* brakes. The AP Racing uprated master drastically reduces overall lash in the system, turning the brake pedal application into a purely pressure-modulated affair.


The tires are hard-compound, all-season radials - a fine place to start for the Seven uninitiated. Of course, we can work with you to option the car however you'd like with regard to tire (or anything else).


Winter is the magical time to scheme and plan for next track season :-)



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An Additional Option - Fully Supported Race Package in the "Caterham Cup - Northwest"


Early demand for these Caterham G7 race cars has resulted in the development of a fully-supported spec race series in 2016. Here is a basic outline of the program:

  • Caterham G7 race car
  • Car fully prepped and set up prior to first race weekend
  • 5 race weekends, visiting three separate race tracks in the Pacific Northwest
  • 15-race series (at least three races each weekend)
  • 1-day school
  • Transport
  • Storage
  • Pre-event technical check/nut-bolt
  • Full technical track support
  • Drive development chalk-talk sessions
  • Driver points championship - modeled after the UK Caterham Academy
  • Cost (including purchase of Caterham G7) - $52,500


With extensive experience and success in both professional and amateur road racing, Beachman Racing will administer and implement the inaugural "Caterham Cup - Northwest". The program is designed to make road-racing more approachable to the novice, since the logistical overhead of prepping/managing a race car can be removed, and investment in supporting equipment (tow vehicle, trailer, storage space, tools, etc.) can also be eliminated. For the experienced racer, competing in a series with fast, communicative, and identical race cars will reward precision, while exposing opportunities for further improvement.


Given the structure of the program (full transport/storage/support included for 2016 race series), living in the Pacific Northwest is not a requirement - just arrive and race *your* Caterham for the weekend!



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The price of $35,000 is FOB from where ? I'm just wondering if the buyer is paying for the shipping of the car from Bahrain or UK ? What is the approximate hours on the engine and drivetrain ? If you rather you can just PM me. Thanks.

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The price of $35,000 is FOB from where ? I'm just wondering if the buyer is paying for the shipping of the car from Bahrain or UK ? What is the approximate hours on the engine and drivetrain ? If you rather you can just PM me. Thanks.

The cars are here in Seattle, WA. Unfortunately, I don't have the hours on the engine/drivetrain. Several factors convinced us that these are really good cars, worthy of the investment:

  • They were originally built to compete in a spec series that never materialized - the cars then became the driving school fleet at BIC (Bahrain International Circuit)
  • As school cars, they were fleet maintained by an ex-Caterham employee who was previously responsible for the CDX program at Silverstone. So far, we've been very impressed with the state of maintenance and overall running condition of these cars.
  • We were told that the school only operates about three months of the year, due to the extreme heat. The cars can handle it, but the people can't.
  • The fleet was liquidated due to the requirement for a paddle-shifted school car. Our understanding is that BIC was evaluating several replacement options, but liquidating the current fleet was a prerequisite.

Since the last posted video earlier in the thread, I've had another car on track at speed. It ran *flawlessly*, with excellent power/torque, zero startup smoke, quiet valve train, etc. Even small issues that we would expect to require some attention (e.g. wheel bearing lash, bushing slop, etc.) have been minimal. Nonetheless, each car will be completely prepped and ready to go, including compression/leak-down.


Hope that helps,


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I am in the process of importing an original 2066 Caterham C400 race car from the UK if you are interested. This has a 220 hp Cosworth 2.0



2066? Even by Caterham standards, 50 years is a long wait for delivery.

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Can you provide the price and specification of the available cars?


Can they be registered for road use in the USA?


I am not clear on the demand for these types of cars in the USA?






The general specs and asking price ($35K, fully prepped) are at the top of the thread. These vehicles were imported fully-assembled under an EPA race-car exemption, and may not be titled/licensed for street use. However, we do have MSO's for all of the cars. Feel free to PM or give me a call, and we can discuss in more detail.


Demand is in the eye of the beholder. It sounds like you might want one :-)




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Thought I would push this back up to the top, as it is the off-season when everyone schemes for their conquests next spring. Several of these factory-built race-cars remain available.



I've been talking to a couple of your customers/buyers.

Wondering which cars are still available and prices ?


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