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Learning webers on a 1700 supersprint

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Great! I was looking for a head gasket for my 1700! Thanks for the info!


I put an order in to Burtons yesterday for their Ajusa FB731 along with other bits while waiting for Pegasus to get back to me. The Ajusa is stated as having an 84mm bore and is roughly half the cost of the Pegasus part. Granted, I do like knowing that I can run up the road and get the Motorcraft piece if needed.


Burtons DHL express says all parts will be here by friday. Not bad for overseas!

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I run the Ajusa FB731 on my 1700 precrossflow. It's a a nice quality headgasket that I've had success with. With the 83.5mm bore and pistons just proud of the deck, I'm more comfortable using an 84mm gasket than something closer to 83.5mm.

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