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Sources for Vauxhall C20XE Parts?

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I'm getting to know my (I think) '94 C20XE powered HPC.  It came to me after a previous owner damaged the sump.  He had the sump repaired, but there is still a crack in the oil pump housing, thus a significant oil leak.  Today I removed the front cover, but it was necessary to cut the large bolt that secures the bottom sprocket and pulley to the crankshaft.  Through eBay and Google, I've been able to find the oil pump and sump gaskets I need, but I'm striking out on the crankshaft bolt.  It's 16X1.5X80 and I've found a couple of places I can buy a grade 10.8 bolt, but I'd be more comfortable with a genuine Vauxhall part, or ARP, but ARP doesn't seem to have anything that large.  


What are some good sources for Caterham and Vauxhall parts?  I'd like to have a US source for expedience, but have been buying parts overseas for years so it's not really an obstacle.  





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I just pinged a UK friend with a C20XE and he pointed to Autovaux in the UK.  Recommended you call in person as the search on the website is not the brightest.  



Don't know any USA parts source for a C20XE.  For Caterham parts of an older year car like yours then your best bet is going to be Rocky Mountain Caterham as they have the best store of older model parts.  Beyond that you are calling Caterham parts in the UK or Redline UK.  



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Two schools on the crank bolt.

Original is a one-time use stretch bolt. (available from the usual Vaux, Holden, Opel, Daihatsu sources)

SBD and other builders use a grade 12.9 socket head cap screw.


Getting the bolt out with the engine in the chassis is quite difficult. I can't recall the exact torque, but it's enough to turn the car over or rip out the motor mounts. I couldn't budge mine with an impact wrench. I built a torque bar that bolts to the damper and rests on the floor.


Good luck!

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