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Test run of S1 cut short but happy ending

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I use a  4 mile highway loop to check a/f changes or component repairs/changes. Decided to flip on the camera for fun, it captured a "dink" at 3:12 which turns out to be a rear prop shaft nut/bolt "leaving" home. I also noticed a vibration so the others were suspect as well. I was only one mile into my loop so with the help of a good samaritan giving me a ride back to retrieve the trailer, the car and I escaped unharmed. The couple who picked me up drove an old pick up in very poor condition and clearly did not have funds to fix their muffler that was louder than the seven. I gave them funds to replace their muffler and consider this experience a win, win, win. Who knew that this experience would have left both me and my new friends with a smile on our faces feeling better about everything. I replaced all four prop bolts/nuts and found no damage yea!. The plugs looked perfect and no miss up to 6K woooo! 

A good day.


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