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Double Ended Stud


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Hey All,


I need to source a replacement 7/16 UNF x 8 inch long double threaded stud for my Westfield Miata - It is to connect my rear Knuckle to the lower control arm.  Does anyone know where to get one? or have one made?


Its to replace this one that I had to cut in half to remove it.







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If your replacing the rod, if you replace the nuts then the thread size becomes irrelevant. So checkout me favorite shop




Thinking about that, why it it an imperial thread, coming from a Miata or Westfield?

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I know, intriguing isn't it! lol The whole vehicle is a mixed batch of metric and imperial.  All the miata bolted stuff is typically metric, but because the westfields use parts from older UK cars (Bushings etc.) there is also a lot of imperial stuff too!

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15 hours ago, DanM said:

Control Arm Bushings are from a Hillman/Chrysler Avenger!! 


That just sent a shiver up my spine.  Terminal understeer, dodgy brakes.....  :leaving:

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