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2012 Caterham R300 Roadsport

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Hi all,


This car has had a short interesting history, but the important point is that this VIN will not be sold in the state of California for registration. The state's BAR has it flagged as a car I built as a dealer... which is of course not per the rules. But I can sell it out of state.


The build of the car is documented here-



The car was transferred to the new owners, but they ran into the registration issue, so we have replaced this car with a different one. Now this one can be sold out of state.


There was a small mishap with this car where it was run into while stopped and the rear end of the car was rebuilt. While we had it in the race shop, everything was gone over and in fact, many things were improved from the factory build. The driveshaft was trued and balanced. They added new adjustments to the rear differential for better alignment. Brakes were gone over and improved. The car drives very well.


Original cost to me to build this car was north if $55,000. It has a little over 1500 miles on it and the engine is VERY strong. There is some minor body damage on the very rear and very front from my being really stupid with a trailer. Otherwise it is perfect. Full weather gear. Leather seats. No heater (but one could be added). 5 speed gearbox. Added rear brake light to rollbar. Custom brackets for rear lights and custom license plate bracket.


Factory options-

SV size

LSD differential

Leather Seats

4 point harnesses

Black package

Black Aero gas filler

Upgraded track rollbar

Starter button

Carbon Fiber Dash


Extra options (I added)

Wide view mirror

Tunnel storage bag

Toneau cover

Custom rear light brackets

Custom rear license plate frame with Carbon Fiber frame

Added 3rd brake light to roll bar. Professionally done!

Powder coated aluminum intake manifold

3m Film on nose

CF rock guards on rear wings (you need these!)

CF door sill covers





We recently took it to a local SCCA autocross for two runs and it set fast time of day and easily beat a CSR. And we were on the street tires.

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Bureau of Automotive Repair. The rule is that a car dealer, can't build the car and sell it complete. The BAR was told I built the car and they have told me they will not register the car to anyone else I sell it to, in the state of California.


I will try to get some pics.

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Here is the damage. The front nose has two small sections where the fiberglass is cracked a little. The rear has the wing pushed in a little and some sheetmetal damage to the corner.


I lowered my asking price about $3K because of this, which should be way more than enough to have it fixed to new.

2013-08-25 16.13.15.jpg

2013-08-25 16.13.29.jpg

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Guest speedcraft

randy...to be clear, is this the car thats for sale prior to the repair? can you provide details of the shop, and what panels/frame tubes etc were replaced. also was a new crate motor from a ford dealer used or a salvaged motor? thanks.

cat7 rear end.gif

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Sorry, I changed computers, lost my pw. Could not figure out how to reset it. But back now...


The car was repaired at a very high end shop that normally works on very expensive historics and vintage race cars. The entire rear end behind the seats was replaced. We also had the following done:


1. Replaced driveshaft with a custom balanced one. The shop guy was not happy with the one from Cateram.

2. Replaced gas tank, sender, fuel intake hose, aero cap.

3. Replaced both rear wings. New Carbon Fiber shields.

4. Replaced rear lights.

5. Replaced rear license plate bracket and light.

6. Redid rear brake calipers... not damaged but the shop wanted to improve them.

7. Created new differential alignment points to provide adjustment.

8. Replaced suspension bits A frame in the rear.

9. Added rear tail light to roll bar.

10. Entire car gone over.


Damage looked bad but was not really that involved. Chassis was put on a flat alignment table and fully plumbed and noted it was not tweaked at all.


Car now actually runs better and smoother than when first built.


There was a new clip installed from Caterham and then expertly repainted by a local paint guy. This is the metal behind the rollbar to the rear. There was no damage in front of the firewall behind the seats (other than a minor thing on the driver's leather seat).

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Moving to TN????????


Yes. In 23 days. Actually the very southeast corner of Tennessee. Next to North Carolina and Georgia and 43 miles to Telico Plains and Cherohala Skyway to Tail of the Dragon.


Pretty major life change. A bit scary. But looking forward to it.

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