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  1. Just trying to determine the inspiration: Koi? Grouper? Red snapper? It belongs in Florida, at a marina.
  2. ..and it is up for adoption. https://www.kijiji.ca/v-classic-cars/moncton/trades-trades-1976-custom-corvette-671-supercharger-show-car/1553378154
  3. After 2 fun years with a Super Stalker in VA I am looking again, but from a location much farther north. There are many great cars out there. My challenge is finding one in Canada. If it is older than 15 years I could import a car. If it doesn't have a VIN I am curious. Looking for a reliable modern build that has 200+whp. Would much prefer independent rear suspension over solid rear axle. Would love high revs of an S2000 but like the power of V6 and V8s too. A programmable ECU is high on our priorities for any LS build. Plans include Track days, autox as we
  4. Interesting, I have the opposite problem in Calgary, too cold most of the time. So I went with a 986 Boxster, more practical, beautiful and inexpensive. Yet not close to the fun of my Stalker, so I've been looking. This is a great spec and I would have got into the mix, except that Canada bars importation of titled replicas that are less than 15 years old.
  5. Love the fact that it comes with a snow plow. Perfect for our Canadian winters!
  6. Is this the solid axle or independent axle kit?
  7. Nah. Spill it. Kijiji updates are slow and we shouldn't have to search classifieds.
  8. Replica project https://www.kijiji.ca/v-classic-cars/calgary/lotus-7-kit-car-project/1383051804?enableSearchNavigationFlag=true I went and saw this kit 2 years ago. I would recommend avoiding this kit. The engine does not fit in the compartment. The bottom of the transmission is 2" from the ground. The rear suspension from the merkur is antiquated. The reason the kit is not completed is it is at a dead end with the components selected.
  9. Amazing cars. Have to admit they are just as nice in their way as any exotic. The concepts and the craftsmanship are stunning. Hoping with the new low volume manufacturer law we see more artistry and innovation like this. Robin
  10. Reading and googling about the 12C 5.5 TS Torpedo was fascinating. Is there only one? How come it is on the east coast now? Love how he took so many great elements and created a unique vehicle. Fit and finish look stunning. Robin.
  11. I'm planning to go to Summer Sizzle: Double SARRC, Double SECS, Double CCPS Single ECR/PDX Looks like a great weekend with lots of cool toys on the track. Anyone planning to be there? My cars will remain at home in Calgary (work trip) so I will be a rideless wanderer of the pits, will beg for ride alongs :nopity: Hoping someone from the Stalker crew will be out scaring the 'vette, BMW, Porsche, etc. owners. https://imgur.com/RnkB1b9 Cheers, Robin.
  12. In the spirit of a drunk Colin Chapman in a seaside dive bar, yelling "adding lightness is so 1962, let's add weight like the 1862 USS Monitor!" AN SS-777 for sale! http://www.ebay.com/itm/162044637880
  13. Looks like the V6 Stalker at Mecum did not sell. Top bid was $18k [TABLE=class: display compact dataTable, width: 100%] [TR=class: even, bgcolor: #F5F5F5] [TD=class: sorting_1, bgcolor: #EAEAEA, align: left]T259[/TD] [TD=align: left]Star[/TD] [TD=align: left]1962[/TD] [TD=align: left]Brunton[/TD] [TD=align: left]Lotus S7 Replica[/TD] [TD=align: left]$18,000[/TD] [TD=align: left][/TD] [TD]View w/Images[/TD] [/TR] [/TABLE]
  14. Check out the video, and the Lotus Cameo... http://www.swincar.fr/
  15. rdymond

    get together

    Ah. The guy who beat me to it!
  16. rdymond

    get together

    If this is a go I am interested, however am still 7less so will bring the boxster. Cheers, Robin
  17. Thanks for the tip. It is fixed. It was a http://http// that was the issue. Robin.
  18. Hi Everyone, Please get your bids in for this great Super Stalker. My Super Stalker is now up for auction on ebay. cheers, Robin Dymond.
  19. Still available. Price is now $19,999.00
  20. The car is now up for auction on ebay: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Lotus-Super-Seven-V6-SC-/281358363969
  21. Now asking $21,900. Looking for an inexpensive Supercar killer? A car that is fun, sounds great and turns heads? This car is based on an improved design of the Lotus 7, with american parts, a reliable high powered engine and a stronger frame. Mfr: Brunton Automotive Model: Super Stalker, 3800SC V-6 Supercharged motor Year built: 2005 Lotus 7 model year: 1959 0 to 60: 3 seconds Color: British Racing Green. If you are not familiar with the Brunton, their cars are very fast, reliable and the most fun on wheels. These cars have exceptional handling and power. These ca
  22. Lots of pictures here: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Lotus-Super-Seven-V6-SC-2005-Brunton-Super-Stalker-3-8L-V6-Lotus-7-Replica-0-60-in-3-sec-racing-/281344309099?
  23. Kit Mfr: Brunton Automotive. Color: British racing green Model: Super Stalker, 3.8L V-6 Supercharged motor Year: 2005 Built and registered in FL and is currently registered in VA as a 1959 replica. Car was built in 2005 to Brunton suggested procedures using new parts. If you are not familiar with Brunton Stalker, they are very fast, reliable and the most fun on wheels. These cars have exceptional handling and power. Many of these street legal cars are used on the track and outclass most other high priced cars. The engine has 7000 miles on it, 4400 mi on rest of car. My price is b
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