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  1. Already used a version of this trick. Turns out CT requires a back up light for inspection and they failed me because George did not install it or the fog lamp when he built my car. He doesn't like the looks of them. After hooking up the back up light I learned he did not install the switch in the transmission because he said they hang up and break when installing the engine. So the solution was to hook the back up light into the fog lamp circuit. When I was at the DMV I put the lights on and when he said put it in reverse I shifted to reveres and subtly turned on the "fog lights". Back up lig
  2. I am now registered for the event and booked in at the Fairfield. As Colin intended I will again be driving my 7 from CT in convoy with Paul (wemtd) who will be trailering his Birkin. Car is mostly set but waiting for the brake light switch from Rocky Mountain to finalize. I jury rigged my broken brake light and through some Caterham voodoo the circuit decided to work when it was previously not getting 12V. My final task is to figure out how not to get nausea. I was at the Porsche school at Barber and was getting motion sickness from the 80-90 ft of elevation change that creates a couple
  3. I made a temp fix to the switch by attaching a wire to the broken connector. But still no brake lights. A friend was following me for our drive on Sunday to Greenwich and back of over 1 hour each way and he says the brake lights were working. If I apply 12V to one side of the switch loom my brake lights come on. It appears I don't have 12V on the other side that should pass through the switch when the brakes are applied (I did this with the car running - I don't think the brake lights come on when the car is off). Seems like quite a coincidence that I lost the power to one side of the sw
  4. Last week the ignition failed. Thanks to Josh and Rocky Mountain Caterham I got to take my car to the Greenwich Concours on Sunday. Here were the two cars parked next to me - a Dino is quite a low car (and this is only the parking lot) http://www.usa7s.net/vb/attachment.php?attachmentid=15468&stc=1http://www.usa7s.net/vb/attachment.php?attachmentid=15469&stc=1 Last night my daughter and I went for an ice cream run and for some reason when we got back I had her check if my brake lights were working (they have stopped working before). And of course, they weren't. This time it wasn
  5. I must say, changing the ignition system is definitely the easiest thing you can do under the dash. It was quite accessible. Maybe next weekend we can do a test drive to shake the cars down. I will drive mine to Greenwich for the Concours tomorrow. Celebrating Zagato so I expect some cool cars. Only a slight chance i will get soaked on the way home.,
  6. Big thank you to Rocky Mountain Caterham. Josh got the parts out to me on Tuesday and I installed them this morning. I can now start my car, though if I did not have the parts in hand this weekend I was going to do some self taught hot wire lessons. Based on the install I think it would be a five minute job to hot wire a 7. Another fun fact is the ignition still has a steering column lock in it and the tube around the column has a hole for it to actuate into. Just does not interface with the rotating shaft and provide any looking function.
  7. Fantastic support. Great that Caterham has support in the US to allow us to enjoy our cars. I will send end you an email
  8. Does anyone have an email contact for Rocky Mountain Sports Cars. I can find a phone number but no other contacts in my search Thank you
  9. Can someone explain how i attach a photo without it being repeated at the bottom of the post. I pick manage attachments and insert inline. Is there a more efficient way to do this?
  10. Thank you all. While i was taking the steering lock off of the column i had this part fall out that appears to go in the bottom of the whole at the end of the lock cylinder: http://www.usa7s.net/vb/attachment.php?attachmentid=15434&stc=1 Hard to see from the picture but on each side of the shiny groove the part appears fractured. So I think i am on the buy a new path and will check with the sources mentioned. Caterham says they have them in stock but if I can get one in the US even better.
  11. After driving my Caterham over 4000 miles it has finally stranded me. I went to start the car and the key just rotated in the lock cylinder. Absolutely nothing happened, ie it did not act as if it was in position I or II and no electrics came on or the starter try and energize. I went to pull out the key and reinsert it (I thought I may have actually not inserted it into the lock cylinder) and the entire cylinder came out attached to the key. http://www.usa7s.net/vb/attachment.php?attachmentid=15428&stc=1 http://www.usa7s.net/vb/attachment.php?attachmentid=15429&stc=1http://www.
  12. That sounds great, I am less familiar with the roads in that area so I am game for a drive. I will give you a PM. Maybe sometime in June will work
  13. Chopd65 - Greetings. I am in West Hartford and work in East Hartford so my 7 is occasionally spotted in Glastonbury. Wemtd lives near me and we try to connect for some drives. We usually head NW of Hartford but just had the 7 down in Essex and Clinton last week so send a note and we can hook up for a meet somewhere. Jay
  14. My car was built by George Alderman (Mid-Atlantic Caterham) and he tack welded the bolts to the seat runners. It made if very easy to remove the seats (though I think one or more of the tacks is now broken).
  15. Forgot about that mattress. That was exciting! With only Brooklands I would definitely go the trailer route.
  16. I will be driving my 7 down from West Hartford. I went two years ago and I think I was the only one who did not trailer. I will likely convoy down with wemtd who will trailer his Birkin. I did drive with the side screens and earplugs. I think without the side screens it would be a loooong trip. And I have full weather protection if really necessary. Though driving the NJ Turnpike in the rain may be pretty dodgy! And full disclosure, my car is a SV (wide body) with standard Caterham seats so I can shift around a bit
  17. The owner of the linked store has a 7 that I believe is BDR powered. Located in the Ginza neighborhood. Nice (and expensive) driving shoes, helmets and retro F1 stuff (like Hesketh T shirts) for sale Motorimoda: http://www.motorimoda.com/sp/shopinfo/en-mm_ginza.html
  18. And while we are on the subject what is the crush washer that Caterham uses (is it a Raceline wet sump?_, standard Ford or other?
  19. Since I was looking at filters this weekend for my car, I will hop on this thread and ask about the filter for a 2009 Caterham with a 2005 2.0L Duratec from a Focus. My car has a tiny NAPA 1335 (Wix 51335). I see this was the filter for the Europa! The Wix filter noted above is also the standard fitment for the Duratec. Is the mount for the Caterham the same as the Focus? There is a sandwich plate between the filter and the block with the lines to the oil cooler, is this Caterham specific or standard Ford? It appears like I can fit the larger Six filter into the car and I was thinking of order
  20. Really disappointed I had to pull out of the event but least I get vicarious thrills out of your excellent posts of everyone having a great time. Have a great day and if it is like CT you may just have a quick thunder shower.
  21. Thanks for the info on the brake fluid. While prepping for NJMP next week I found a small weep from my brake caliper. The nut was able to be tightened a bit but if I see more weepage I will take your info into account
  22. Fantastic. I will be happy to drive on down from Hartford and meet you for a CT lobster roll (butter, no mayo for those not attuned to the nuances of New England lobster rolls) along the shore. Plenty of nice roads along the way.
  23. I usually turn left, but I think I can follow these directions
  24. Have you found a video from the Thunderbolt circuit to post for us who have not run it.
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