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  1. My faithful old friend, a 1973 Toyota Hilux pickup purchased new, put a 20r and 5 speed in in 1975 with a single dcoe 40 weber, one trans rebuild, 2 diff rebuilds, 2 engine rebuilds all balanced with some other niceties , adjustable rear sway bar extra large front bar, panhard rod, torque arms and KYB shocks, runs and handles very nice even with 623,000 miles,
  2. I think this is a pre lit, given the alloy panels https://portland.craigslist.org/clk/cto/d/la-center-lotus-super-seven/7094746112.html
  3. The people at QA 1 have been very helpful in helping me valve my shocks, and they have many body and shaft lengths to mix and match
  4. I'm not sure about all springs, but the ones on my QA1 shocks have the poundage stamped on the base of the spring.
  5. Tilt trailers are great, you don't have to mess with ramps. I have had some very low cars with splitters on this trailer.
  6. Maybe work in a track day at The Ridge?
  7. I just drive it all year long as long as the roads are dry.
  8. Just thought I'd sneak in a plug for my favorite track, Oregon Raceway Park, with one of the fastest track day cars out there, a Palatov, he really turns it on about the middle of the video. This was a private track day so not a lot of traffic, did I say I love this track.
  9. use a thread pitch gauge that comes with tap and die sets?
  10. I have 400lb front and 300lb rear, as was said there is no norm, I have revalved the QA's with a 2 step higher rebound, directions are on the QA web site. This made a dramatic difference in the stability and control of the car and I have never wanted for a sway bar. When I first purchased the car I too thought it was strange as not to have bars, I have always been a proponent of them, but people at the track comment that the car has next to no body lean, and it is very neutral you can just put it anywhere you want. I have only done a handful of auto crosses but have over 2000 miles of track. I
  11. Photos must have been sent in from Down Under.:seeya:
  12. You should always have an adjustable Metric and American spanner for backup.
  13. In reference to Kitcats post, on my vehicle with side drafts I had the same problem with engine torque and carbs hitting what they shouldn't, I installed a rubber mounted torque rod using chevy rubber engine mount to frame and solid mount to engine, no more banging filters on frame, this vehicle has over 550,000 miles running DCOE 40, 20R Toyota pickup.
  14. Here is a very nice 7 in Oregon, I had wanted to buy this but new farm equipment got in the way, very nice gentleman selling it, I have talked to him and have seen the car run several times at vintage meets in Portland. https://bend.craigslist.org/cto/d/vintage-lotus-7-race-car/6495468353.html mike
  15. Has anyone mounted Brooklands on an Ultralite? I like my Lexan shields but when driving in the late afternoon, headed west, no matter how clean they look all those tiny little scratches make it next to impossible to see, so I just park it 'til the sun is out of the way or head another direction. It's really bad on twisty mountain road going from shade to sun in face.
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