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  1. Thanks all. Mine seems to be 6.5in from gasket flange to the flat of the pan. I just ordered a new sump from Redline last week, they have a welded up version like you show in your picture, but thicker metal.
  2. You might try greyhound for something like seats. Shipping bulky things gets so expensive through traditional carriers.
  3. I have what I think is a Capri sump on my 1600 crossflow in my CAT. The oil drain is the lowest point, and has now scraped to the point of dripping. Before I bite the bullet and buy and ship the Redline sump from the UK, I wanted to check if anyone with a CAT has converted to dry sump and has a good sump they may want to sell. The Caterham style sump is what I'm looking for, seems this doesn't have the low oil drain that mine has. Pete
  4. Looks like a caffeinated group there Ron! We had 200 miles for our rally, the other 400 miles were to get there and back. No heater? Nah, 39deg weather at the start of the rally, so that heater was on full! We had 25 cars in the group, with a significant number of Volvos, from Amazon to 850's. Good British turnout with MGB's, several Triumphs, and modern Mini. Several 911's, 914, 300D(!), E36 M3, some 510's and CTSV wagon. A Model 3 even joined until the battery drained. I'm going to work on raising the AFR with a wideband sensor, and try a vacuum connection to
  5. Had a great 600 mile rally weekend on the California Central Coast in my new-to-me 1989 Caterham. I few things that some may relate to: 1. 80mph is the sweet spot for rain to go over your head. 2. Gas in King City is $5.19/gallon. Mileage was 17mpg. People in cars behind me were nauseous. DCOE's need more tuning. 3. Freeway driving with doors on, hood off, 60's temps, and earplugs was almost pleasant. 4. I'll need to get a heater bypass valve for summer. 5. The sump is too low, even with 250lb/in springs. Drip, drip, drip. Another Redline order coming! 6. Di
  6. A PC680 should easily slide out the bottom- that’s what I have under my carbs.
  7. Are these for an SV or S3 chassis? Pete
  8. My 2 cents after playing with a wideband on my crossflow- I started with 45F9 and that was running too lean at part throttle low engine speeds. 50F9 was running a bit rich, sometimes below 12:1. I’m running 50F8 now and I think that is helping to split the difference. 65’s sound like they would be too large.
  9. How do you all open the Dzus fasteners on the sides of the car? Seems they are extremely close to the wings. I've been using a screwdriver on the inside of the engine bay, but it seems there must be a better way.
  10. To follow up, the 0.110in wire spring I had was for a Lotus twincam, and much too stout for the crossflow. Plus it was wound the opposite way. Anker gave me some dimensions and I found some music wire / spring steel to make my own from 0.078in stock (bent around a 0.75in dowel to get a 1in coil diameter, and 2in long arms). That should hold me over until my next order from the UK. Thanks Anker!
  11. After some more digging, I think I have narrowed it down to the Kent BCF3. I measured lift at TDC and it was close to the stated 2.49mm lift. I'll sent my valve clearances to 0.016in for intake and exhaust.
  12. 1988 or 1989 Caterham build with a crossflow, not sure if it is a sprint or super sprint or the displacement. I've measured the lift at the valves, and added the valve lash. I did this with a proper dial indicator and repeated results across multiple cylinders, so I think my numbers are within 0.1mm or 0.2mm. Intake 10.0mm Exhaust 10.3mm Having the exhaust be higher than the intake isn't something I've seen on the Kent cams, so perhaps the lift is somewhere between these two at 10.1mm, given measurement error. Any idea what cam this may be? Perhaps a Kent 224? I wou
  13. I bought a Lotus throttle return spring from Dave Bean. It seems very stout, and when I visually compare it to Anker's picture and others it looks like it might be too big. Its a heavy pedal effort and already squeaking during setup. Mine is 0.110in wire. Does anyone have the wire thickness of their throttle return spring handy?
  14. Thanks again guys. Jon was up for selling his 1985 bracket, so I am one step closer now!!
  15. Thanks for the picture, I have a much better idea of what this looks like. Gotta love the clever spring retention hole integrated into the cable nipple sleeve. This is a Caterham specific part, not weber. I've contacted Redline UK without success (email and phone), will try again. Ken at Dave Bean has been very helpful, and gave me a great sketch for Lotus applications. It's for sure different than Anker's picture, so this also points to the Caterham specific part. So my follow on questions: 1. Is the V bracket a tube or a plate with a lip on it? If a tube, does it have flattened
  16. Hi folks- I am replacing my downdraft DGV with proper side drafts. There is a mystery bracket between the side drafts that is no longer available from Caterham and no picture seems to exist of it. It has been described as a V shape and mounts below the carbs on the inspection plate. Does anyone have one that they can take a picture of and add some basic dimensions? Otherwise a picture inside the engine bay from underneath? Thanks! Pete
  17. Thanks again for the responses. I'll check with Redline in UK about the Caterham specific steel bracket for the throttle linkage. Follow on questions: 1. I assume 30mm chokes are ok based on some other posts. This is what the carbs come with standard. I also assume that I'll have to play with the standard jets. I think mine is a 1600, but until I take the head off, I can't be sure. In any case I see reference to 30mm chokes for 1600 and 1700, so hopefully this is fine. 2. What length of trumpets fit? 3. What height of air cleaners fit? Note that I am a ~1987 chassis, so
  18. Thanks for the well considered responses. I am likely going down the path of dual Webers now. I have found the short style manifold in the UK. Since I don't have any reference for this installation, can anyone guide me on the linkage? All the images I see of Caterhams don't show the linkage, so I assume it is under the carbs. Weber offers a under mount linkage, does it fit in the Caterham engine compartment space? Pete
  19. Furthering my learning curve with my new (to me) Caterham. It is apparently a 1600 engine, so I think that means its a Sprint and not a Super Sprint. In any case, it has a DGEV 32/36 clone downdraft that turns out to be as bad as the many reports out there, not to mention the large cutout in the hood that was required to fit it. It all makes the decision to change easy. Options are Weber DCOE 40's, Dellortos, or bike throttle body injection. Seems injection is going to be the best for drivability but probably the most effort to make the change. Does it take the soul out of the 7? Let me
  20. Fixed- a second round of pressure bleeding, and some bubbles came out of the rears. The mechanism adjusted after some more pumps.
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