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  1. I hear you John. Great to be out in a Seven again. Finally got my 65 S2 out for the first time yesterday and again today with the wife. Life is good.
  2. I think a map would be a great idea. You could have a forum member in your backyard and not even know it.
  3. My daily is a 15 Fiat 500L, 6 speed manual with a full EuroCompulsion custom tune, Alfa Romeo coil packs, intake, exhaust, blow off, etc~250hp or so. It’s lowered with 18’s and sticky tires. Looks like something your Mother would drive unless you know what you are looking at. Have fun playing with the BMW’s around here. Always fun to see their faces after a Fiat embarrasses them.
  4. Hello rdHunt1, Best of luck with the new toy. I was on the fence to purchase this Cat and spoke with Robert several times. Seems like a really good guy. Did a little research on him and he’s a pretty interesting character. Even wrote a book. Must have been a real fun ride home. Have fun tweaking it all winter.
  5. Hello, pm sent. Please let me know if it’s still available. Thank you
  6. Hello Bruce, I’m a brand new member and would love to receive your manual. Would you please send one to cjg121963@gmail.com. Thanks in advance
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