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  1. I never saw your PM. No issue shipping to Canada. chris
  2. Used S3 brooklands Aero Screen assembly. $175 + shipping New Carbon Fibre stone guards, pr, for non Duratec cars. $100 + shipping New, wide track, left hand side, lower wishbone, not metric. I have a pr. $150 ea + shipping
  3. New 3.9 Ford Diff. If you have a 3.6 Ford diff and participate in sporting events, this makes the car more accelerative and narrows the rpm drop between gears. $1350 + shipping New standard front suspension, complete. Not wide track. Removed from a 1994 Caterham, with 0 miles. New bushings installed. $475 + shipping New Watts linkage kit. Suitable for standard or metric chassis. $545 + shipping New pair of big brake calipers. You will require new discs to suit. $895 + shipping New Mountney steering wheel. $50 + shipping Pair of rear race Bilstein shocks, never used,
  4. Looking for a set of 4 or 5 rims as above.
  5. 2004 CMC Mazda powered 7 Specification as follows; Exhilarating performance in this true to type of a replica Lotus 7. Frame by Champion Motor Corp. (CMC) of Huntsville, Alabama, for a 1996 Miata donor. Very similar to Keith Tanner’s 7, as frames purchased at the same time. Special /custom torque reinforcement added to rear by welded brackets. Never had an issue. Drivers foot box extended 2”, accommodates 6’6” drivers. 1996 Miata 1.8L 16 valve Twin Cam engine, bottom up stock rebuild, but using 10:1 pistons, as standard on 2000 Miata. Fidanza 8.3lb aluminum flywheel. 4.33 Tor
  6. Do remember to oil the trunnions, no grease!
  7. I have a new LHS increased visibility screen. Sorry no rhs.
  8. I have an S3 cell for sale. Requires new insert. You can contact me at Chris@sevenselans.com
  9. I have a new LHS incresed visibility screen. Will send photo and price tomorrow.
  10. I think i have one, will confirm on Monday
  11. I think I have some increased visibilty side screens available. Will let you know on Monday.
  12. I have a new unused 3.9 diff. No lsd fitted.
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