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2019 Northern VA Sunday C & C Thread

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That engine sure sounds good!


--Bob Collum


That's one of several reasons that is keeping me from moving up to the GT500.


On most cold starts besides feeding extra fuel to quickly warm the cats it also opens the the exhaust cutouts for about 5 seconds. The effect inside my closed shop is startling to some observers including myself the first time it happened which was on the dealer's showroom floor.

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You big sissy. :jester:


I drove my Miata to C & C on Saturday in 28F weather. Top down, windows up, however, it does have an excellent heater and heated seats, not quite the same thing. :D


An hour later I drove it top down to the far end of the Denver metroplex for a Miata club Christmas party, by that time the temp was up to about 35F.

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Skip, you’re an animal! :D


I resemble that remark but I'm a very warm animal. The coldest temp I driven in a Miata was 4F, top down, windows up and heater on full blast.


I actually turned the heat and blower down on the trip to the party.


I kinda wish I was the big furry animal in this picture.



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We had what I think may be a record-breaking turnout today. Starting with two brand-new cars - Chuck's Porsche Macan and Dino's Lamborghini Urus.

We also had 4 Lotus owners in attendance - Mark Franke, Bob Scates, Alan Olson, and me. Only the two Bobs drove our Lotus, though.



I especially liked that Alan Olson's V12 Aston DB9 was parked next to Bob Steinhagen 's V12 Ferrari F550. A beautiful pair of cars!



--Bob Collum






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The next time that Urus shows up please get the name of the color and the color code. The next time I have a car painted it will be that shade of yellow. It makes my triple yellow Shelby look pale.

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Just 3 days until Christmas. Another very good turnout, but I got so involved in talking with people, that I took very few pictures.

We had three Lotus owners present - Bob Scates in his Esprit, I drove my Elise, and Alan Olson drove his Aston DB9. This venue

has turned out to be a surprise hit!


Merry Christmas, everyone!


--Bob Collum






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