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  1. Suave has been locked away in the tool box during the transition. I just let him out and broke the news of the sell...he is not happy.
  2. Mike, it’s an Exocet build with the kids.Anderson really wanted to build one of these....can’t pass up the opportunity with the kids. When I move back into a Seven, I’m going to come over to the dark side and getting a Caterham.
  3. Yup....already been thinking about that.
  4. Thanks, Mike. New owner is a member here. I’ll let them announce when they wish.
  5. Car currently listed on eBay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/1964-Lotus-Super-Seven-Super-Stalker-Legacy-Chassis/164775066085
  6. Did this with Croc in 2018. If Mike extends you an invite, I highly recommend taking advantage of the day.
  7. Tim, Fellow Stalker owner here. Welcome to the group. Glad to hear Scott is not giving up the ship.
  8. xcarguy

    Barber MSP

    Great video....my favorite track to run.
  9. Most Stalkers run with open sides on the engine bay; plenty of room for air to escape.
  10. Might give Speedway Motors a try: https://www.speedwaymotors.com/Speedway-Sprint-Midget-Car-Chassis-Stands,5783.html
  11. Best of luck, Ross. I look forward to reading about your travels.
  12. LOL! I knew that was coming!!!! I just knew it!:jester:
  13. You're an animal, Kevin....pure animal.:jester:
  14. Yoram, welcome! Great group here.
  15. Thanks, Bob! Happy New Year.....and tell PeeWee I said howdy.:cooldude:
  16. Does it have a Croc sarcasm delete/ignore feature?:jester: ......just asking.:lurk: Speaking of Croc, you going to be around this week in case I get up to TEB? Back on rotation tomorrow.
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