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I have a Kart Seat Pad that I need to fix to the seat with Velcro.


The issue is, I use an industrial Velcro which is permanently stiched into the pad but gluing the other side to the seat back has not worked.


Living in Florida the seat gets hot sitting in the sun, which in turn melts the adhesive holding the velcro to the seat, this as you can imaging gets really messy with sticky glue residue when the velco stip pulls off.


I need an adhesive for fabric/vinyl that I can apply to the velcro that attaches to the seat back that is flexible strong but will not break down when it gets hot.

(The Industrial Velcro is kinda grippy)


Any suggestions?

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You might look at 3M VHB tape (very high bond). I don't know if it would work on velcro but you might look at their website. I used some on the skin of my enclosed trailer I built 10 years ago and it hasn't moved. The trailer sits outside all the time. Russ

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Is the velcro really fabric backed? That seems less industrial than I would have expected. But if vinyl then you might try an adhesive specifically for vinyl given how poorly things adhere to it. 3M 80 comes to mind, but I don't know how it holds up to temperature.

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