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Lower wishbones


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I am just fitting the front suspension to my S3 with a wide track setup, it came with a selection of plastic and metal washers. I have read that there should be metal washers only so Hmmmm.


I discovered that Caterham used to say put metal chamfered washers in the 0-4-0 arrangement for the lower wishbones but now suggest 2-2-2, in addition there was a difference between standard s3 and SV, as I have an S3 but with the wide track I am wondering if there is some knowledge out there I can benefit from. So two questions:-


1. Should I use the plastic washers or just use some plain washers I already have that are the right size but not chamfered

2. What arrangement would work best on a track oriented car


Thanks as usual





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Bart - I can't help you because I have a narrow track S3, but I did notice the difference in the two manuals when it came to the wide track.  I set mine up 2-2-2. 


I thought this thread had some good info: https://www.caterhamlotus7.club/forum/techtalk/front-suspension-dilemma


1.  Are you saying you don't have any (or enough) chamfered washers to assy your car?  I didn't notice any plastic washers supplied with mine.

2.  I think I would try 0-4-0 first for a track oriented car to get some more caster.  More experienced track drivers should be able to give better advice.

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Hey  Bruce,


thanks for the reply, interesting article. I am changing my S3 narrow track to wide track and got the parts from Meteor, they buy them from Arch so genuine parts but came with plastic washers, an no chamfered washers.


I am going to try the 0-4-0 setup, its pretty easy to change so I can do that then see how it performs.





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You are asking for a hell of a lot in frame and suspension dimensional consistency, to be able to use the same shims for all SV or Standard frames, in setting up for optimum handling.

     Do it right, it will only take a couple hours. Set up a frame center line. I used fishing line. Set a straight edge or another line at a right angle, and adjust both front and rear wheel setbacks. Once that initial shim(s) is set, you then go to caster and then camber settings. I would also make the frame center line marks permanent. You may need them again in the future.  Dave W

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