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  1. Hey Pokey, I don't have one for sale but did buy one from Caterham via Rick at time machines. He was incredibly helpful and had it put in a container already scheduled to leave Caterham with a car in it so no real shipping cost other than the duty. I've not received it yet thanks to container shipping delays but hope it arrives this month sometime. Just FYI if you decide to buy new. Bart.
  2. Hi John, I ordered using my USA credit card and billing address but had it delivered to my brothers UK address. Jack emailed me back and said all good to ship to my UK address so I guess he's not too worried. He did say he was waiting on some parts to arrive so I will not get the delivery for a couple of weeks, that seems pretty typical these days. I was stuck a bit this week, my MBE9A9 needed a loom (Raceline did the dyno using an omex ECU) and no one I talked to here in the USA had enough knowledge to build a loom for the MBE unit, I am also adding paddle-shift so it seems a bit more complicated with connections to the gearbox etc. After talking to Steve at SBD he put me in touch with Partridge Green Motorsports and he (Andy) was amazingly helpful, in the end they (PGM) are going to build a custom harness for me based on my application, all I have to do is specify the required connections, components to be controlled and length of each run and he will build to suit and make the pin out connections to the MBE unit - Phew I was a little concerned I had a $2000 paperweight. I will still have some work to do with SBD to fine tune the base map but that should present no issues. Bart.
  3. Interesting, thanks for the heads up. I ordered them and had them delivered to my brother in the UK.
  4. I am looking for a better way to adjust the Camber on my 7, the current setup means splitting the rod end each time and allows only 0.25 degree increments of adjustment. Ideally I'd like a turnbuckle arrangement but it does not look do-able. I found a improved solution in the form of a spherical bearing bolted onto a stud that fits into the wishbone https://jackwebbmotorsport.co.uk/Front-Top-Suspension-Joints-for-Caterham-7-Pair-p109758059. This would allow 0.125 degree increments and be a lot easier to make adjustments on the fly. I wondered if anyone had adopted this solution or had other ideas to share? Thanks! Bart.
  5. Ahh not so much genuine interest in this one. Also the Deronda looks fun.
  6. I just installed the JAL LED upgrade for the rear lights on my 7 this weekend. I am astonished how much brighter they are, they are not cheap but IMHO a massive improvement and makes me feel safer in the land of giant SUV's and Semi's. I wished I'd taken a photo comparison to post as it is truly impressive how much more visible I will be. Bart.
  7. Just a heads up. John at Omnitech built me a lotus twink for my 1973 Europa TCS a couple of years ago. His work including reworking the head and induction manifold to accommodate Twin webbers was outstanding and I have been incredibly happy with the result. No hesitation to recommend, wish I was in the market for a BDA. Bart.
  8. Hey Bruce, thanks for the reply, interesting article. I am changing my S3 narrow track to wide track and got the parts from Meteor, they buy them from Arch so genuine parts but came with plastic washers, an no chamfered washers. I am going to try the 0-4-0 setup, its pretty easy to change so I can do that then see how it performs. Bart.
  9. Hi, I am just fitting the front suspension to my S3 with a wide track setup, it came with a selection of plastic and metal washers. I have read that there should be metal washers only so Hmmmm. I discovered that Caterham used to say put metal chamfered washers in the 0-4-0 arrangement for the lower wishbones but now suggest 2-2-2, in addition there was a difference between standard s3 and SV, as I have an S3 but with the wide track I am wondering if there is some knowledge out there I can benefit from. So two questions:- 1. Should I use the plastic washers or just use some plain washers I already have that are the right size but not chamfered 2. What arrangement would work best on a track oriented car Thanks as usual Bart
  10. With the imminent arrival of my new engine and based on the advice of the engine builder we decided that it the new engine would need more cooling than the standard radiator would be able to provide. I came across a company in the UK that was exceptional in their service and knowledge and they already made a 60 mm core Rad for a high performance Zetec to fit the Caterham S3 . I know this forum is not a commercial for suppliers but thought its worth spreading the word when you find one that's truly a good resource. The company is Radtec (https://www.radtec.co.uk/) I have never worked with them before but they are now firmly on my "preferred vendor list". Administrators, if I am breaking any forum rules with this post apologies and please go ahead and delete it. Bart.
  11. As mentioned earlier they re-ran a dyno on my new Zetec using the exhaust that will be used on the car. There is still some work to do on the mapping when it gets here, but the early results look pretty promising. Bart RLZ250JD RaceLine Exhaust.pdf RLZ250JD RaceLine Exhaust D.pdf
  12. I was flagging the SCCA event at Summit Point this last weekend and the was a 7 on the track in the advanced group, tried to say hi to the driver at lunch break but he'd lost his glasses and was distracted so did not get to talk. I wondered if the Driver of car 7 is a member of this forum? He was going well with slicks on Sunday at least.
  13. Hi, I am in the UK leaving for Heathrow tonight and coming back to the USA on Wednesday next week. If your items are not too large I'd be happy to have them shipped to my UK address (Camberly Surrey) and then bring them back for you. I can ship to you on my return. really no bother if I can get them in a suitcase....
  14. I order a lot from the UK, in some cases they do ask for a Tax ID / SSN, there will be duty assessed on the import, I imagine its needed for that I use my company tax ID (even though I personally pay the duty) I would be less happy to provide my SSN for sure. Also, the application of duty seems very random, my gearbox was delivered with zero duty assessed but the suspension from a different supplier was charged import duty, in both cases it came via DHL and had a commercial invoice.
  15. Interesting about the Dyno I had no idea there was a difference. Even after nearly 20 years gone from the UK I still hanker for a warm pint of Theakstons Old Peculiar but I am heading to London tomorrow so that's on my agenda for sure : ) I did look long and hard at the Raceline Duratec 300hp spec, it was in the same order of cost but then I also figured I'd have enough horsepower to scare myself silly with 250, so the hassle factor won out. With luck I will have all the pieces and parts here in the US around thanksgiving and have the whole thing back on the ground in a month or two thereafter. The list of things to do is rather long but will be a lot of fun to work on, the last pieces of the puzzle are getting the roll cage which is on order and coming over in a container during November and finalizing what to do about the brakes, it currently has the out of the box standard Caterham circa 2005 setup, I am still trying to figure that part out. Cheers! Bart
  16. BlueBDA, I would have "preferred" to go the Duratec route (lighter and more choices available 2.3 2.5 etc.) but the induction and exhaust on the Duratec is opposite to the Zetec and the car already has a Zetec in it, I did not want to go though the hassle of changing panels, engine mounts and all the other routing of pipes etc that would have been needed to go to a Duratec so decided to stick with the older Zetec design. Bart
  17. Chris did not share the spec of the Dyno exhaust, but, they are going to re-run the Dyno with my actual exhaust on it as they are supplying the complete end to end exhaust as part of their package. So in the end, I should have both traces and be able to make that comparison. Chris believes we will see a slight drop in the figures from the initial run but still be making mid 250's I'll post both when I have them for anyone that is interested. I am curious myself, and to understand what sort of parasitic loss I will get from crank to wheels, I read somewhere its +/-18% but have no clue. Not that it matters as it is what it is, but still curious. Bart.
  18. They told me redline at 8200 but I will scale that back, not sure what I'll limit it to yet, I need to see the actual dyno trace using my exhaust to see what makes sense. It was run up using UK 98 RON (US 93 POM), I also had them fit a knock sensor and upgraded to wide band Lambda (from SBD) so should be good and work out well using the MBE9A9 - (not that I know enough about this to be sure )
  19. Just remembered that the Head work was done by Simon Armstrong's Ultimate Performance business in the UK https://www.ultimatep.com/about/ Bart
  20. The spec is the "standard" 250 HP Raceline spec, the head is reworked to allow larger valves and higher lift cam, 85mm forged pistons, Carillo rods etc. with 48mm ITB's This is the complete spec:- 2000cc Ford Zetec FOCUS Engine - New 1 RetroFord BDA Zetec Cam cover - RetroFord p/# Z057 1 RetroFord filler cap - RetroFord p/# Z062 1 Crankshaft trigger housing - manual 1 Flywheel - FOCUS - Lightweight 1 Clutch - plate heavy /duty - cerametallic 1 Clutch - cover heavy /duty 1 Inlet manifold gasket 1 Inlet manifold - standard Omex 1 Inlet manifold - match to cylinder head 1 Inlet manifold fitting kit 1 Block to bellhousing dowels 2 Raceline water rail 1 Raceline water rail fitting kit 1 Thermostat housing kit - Billet Elbow 1 Water rail 'Focus' mounting strap 1 Blanking plug - heater - water rail 1 (if running heater please add £1.55 for 90 degree elbow) Tensioner upgrade 1 Spigot bearing 1 Wet sump pan kit 1 Focus windage tray kit 1 Sump gasket 1 Dipstick 1 Dipstick tube 1 Oil filter 1 Heavy Duty Oil Pump (Steel Gears) 1 Raceline modified cylinder head - 250 1 CNC upgrade to Phase 3 spec. Includes oversize inlet seats, std guides Assemble and set tappets 1 85mm forged piston set - 19mm pin / 12.5CR - Omega 1 Bore cylinder block to suit 85mm forged pistons 1 Steel connecting rod set - Carrillo 1 std big end 141.9 ctrs, 19mm pin Valve Set - 34.5 / 29.5mm 1 Collet Set - single groove 1 Heavy duty spring set -27mm 1 30mm cam follower set - solid 1 Top hat shim set 7mm 1 Camshaft RL250M 1 Cams UL39/40 12.5/12.0mm 30mm BCD Main bearing set 1 Big end bearing set 1 Ford cylinder head gasket 1 Ford cylinder head bolt (set) 1 Alternator mounting kit 1 Injection mounting studs and nyloc set 1 48mm Throttle body set 1 Fuel rail kit - push-on type (-6 also available) 1 Throttle linkage inc bracket 1 Fuel pressure regulator (-6 also available) 1 Ram pipe 48mmx90mm 1 Air temperature sender 1 Water temperatuere sender 1 Lambda probe 1 Throttle potentiometer 1 ECU module 1 Wiring loom 1 Spark Plug - Denso ITV24 (set) 1
  21. Got word from Chris at Raceline that the first Dyno yielded close to 260 HP using the Dyno Exhaust, they are going to run it again with my exhaust tomorrow and smooth out the mapping a bit then it's on its way. I don't have the trace yet but will post that when I get it. Bart NLFB9182.MOV
  22. Yes It’s still in the UK. Peter and Chris have been amazing and patient. I’ll post the dyno when I get it. I’m pretty interested to see how the numbers come out. I hope this will be stateside by November.
  23. Ordered back in June my new Raceline Zetec is finished and going on the dyno tomorrow, the Sadev box arrived from France today too. Here is the new beating here is the soon to be beating heart of my 7 Cant wait to get it up and running. Bart.
  24. Hi so what was the outcome with the DMV? Did you have any joy in the joyless task of working with the DMV? In my case I was unable to get the car date corrected here in MD but did get it tagged in the end. Bart.
  25. With new tires, the bumpers arrived and fitted and a few odds and ends sorted I got the re-inspection done today and hooray a its a pass So now just got to take the bumpers off and all is well in the world (at least as far as my 7 is concerned). Now its street legal, we are setting about making it the track car I wanted and maybe not so street legal. I was at the track last week driving a Formula car (so much fun) and it had paddle shifting on a Sadev sequential, seamless shifting up and down with no clutch and really quite impressive to drive. So I got home and did a little digging around and after some thought ordered a pneumatic version from Simon (meteor) to fit the Sadev that's already on order. We decided to change the ECU from an Omex 600 to MBE9A9 to give me a combined ECU/GCU, I know I could have piggybacked a geatronix unit onto the omex but the MBE solution seemed to be simpler and thus preferable. The only fly in the ointment is that when they dyno the new engine in the UK the builders don't have a MBE loom so it's going to be dyno'd using an Omex and then when it arrives here we will make a loom in situ for the MBE and mess with the MBE base map from there. I also ordered a blank Carbon dash from Classic Carbon in the UK (Really good price and only 40 GBP to ship it), I have an Aim XMP to replace the steam gauges and give me data logging etc. With the suspension in transit from the UK the last thing to resolve is the brakes and what to do AP/Wilwood/other I have 13" Compromotive wheels so need to figure what will fit - any suggestions welcomed of course. Bart.
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