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Maxxis RC-1's for Auto-X? Plus alignment specs?

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I'm hoping I can find some good advice here. I'm planning to Auto-X and track my Westie 7 that I bought last fall. I had ordered some Toyo R88R's but they weren't going to arrive until June, so I just bought a set of Maxxis RC-1s in 205/50-15 because they were cheap and in stock in Canada. Ultimately, I'm probably going to 13"s but this will have to do for this year. I will probably do a couple of track days as well, plus drive it on the street a bit, but I have the street tires that came with it. The car is set up with a totally street alignment at the moment. I'm thinking of starting with -2.5 camber in front and -1.25 in back, with zero toe in front and slight toe in for the back. Does this sound reasonable? I do have access to an old school optical alignment rack, so I can get reasonable accuracy here. Any advice or suggestions would be super helpful.






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Someone who successfully raced in the Westfield Speed Series for many years provided me the settings below which he arrived at after significant testing.  From a wear perspective, the front tires don't like that much camber on the street, but it definitely helps out in the corners, so it's a tradeoff I've been willing to make.   Rake is a pretty important setting for a Westfield with IRS.  Make sure you set that using the factory measuring points.   


Front: -2.5
Rear: -1.5
Toe (total)
Front: 16 min toe out
Rear: 24 min toe in
Chassis Rake
+20mm rear to front



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Fantastic John, thank you so much! Alignment is so key. I'm going to start with this set up. I'll not drive it on the street that much anyway, so why compromise. My street tires are what came on the car, and are old, crappy, and hard as hockey pucks, but still full tread depth. (See pic)IMG_0019.thumb.JPG.cef46e76520a79678df1ec7d8626f35a.JPG

I don't care how they wear. Incidentally, Fox body Mustang 10 hole 15x7 rims fit perfectly on our SEiW's with just a 1/4 in spacer. They're heavy and kind of ugly, but that's what I'll run on the street. I got a mint set in trade for a dozen beer from a friend, so it's hard to argue about the price. Plus, I got to drink at least half of those beers.  :-)





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I'm not sure the deal with Toyo USA, but here in Canuckistan, the ETA for all Toyo R comps is JULY. That's why I ended up with the Maxxis, and they are now sold out also, at least in 205/50-15's.


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