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BMW/Titan LSD issues


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Thanks a million for that write-up! I do recall from the original build, that the washers/spacers were more of a PITA than the actual installation of the diff!



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I'm reposting some observations on the Tracsport diff in case someone is doing a "BMW/Titan" diff search.


Tracsport LSD is in!

Initial impressions are very good, but it must be noted that:


a) Steve Perks (the diff builder) recommended a few hundred miles before doing donuts (really), and


b) my old Titan LSD (actually not old... new in 2017/18 and only 20 or so track days on it) was not operating, so any LSD would feel like an improvement.


I was pleased with Steve's service, and look forward to putting many track miles on the new unit.  It defintely feels more flickable and controlled when sliding;)

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