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Metal Garage reccomendations?


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I've had a few of the 30x30 or so metal tube carports over the years. I'm looking at have a 30x40 or so two or three bay built after I grade and build a pad for it this year. Any  recommendations?

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Turns out I have a 24wx25l and 24x30 with the standard horizontal rib roof that uses standard 5 rib, 3 foot wide panels. I found there are a lot of places that have the roller for forming the galvalume panels (comes in a big roll in all the normal colors in either 26 or 29ga) to custom length at a cost of about $2/linear foot (half the Lowes and HD box store prices), so not that expensive to fully enclose what I have and fit take-off garage doors and a new entry door. I think I may order another 24x25 but fully enclosed and framed out for two 10wx8h doors and a 3x7 entry, then fit my old 24x25 frame against it and reskin for a 24x50 that is half garage, half three sided carport. The panel have held up very well but since I'm taking the carports down to move, I don't care to fill all the holes that probably won't line up again when assembled on a proper slab. Too many options make me a "deer in the headlights".


I like the idea of the quonsets but see the issues. The tube carports have been great for my climate.


I found these Wayne Dalton garage doors at Lowes that are perfect for my needs. A 16x7 is about $250 where the next step up is over $1000. They are only an inch thick; made of a steel and foam core composite so very light. I expect the springs are not as good as the standard door so I will grease everything well and set the spring tension on the low side.

Similar idea in vinyl and sheathing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pez_69LkldQ

How the door goes up: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IgE-hPXz3iU



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I have just enough width in back to go with an 18' wide (to miss a row of fig trees and leylands around the perimeter with room to grow). I like what this guy did inside an 18x30. Video is about 3 years old and prices are about $1500 more now for the same thing (from a different supplier):


Used one of these sensors for about $50 to find my well water line (pump power is routed with the pvc plumbing) then dug to find the depth, since the area will be graded. 24 inches but it is comforting to confirm:


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Since these carports are going on slabs and I'm grading my driveway, I checked the local concrete suppliers for the going rate though I won't pour until after Easter/last freeze of the season. The last time I ordered concrete was probably about 15 years ago. It was $90/cuyd for 3000 psi/5 bag with no additives. This time, I going with 5.5bag/3500psi and enough water reducer added for a seven slump (well worth the small increase per cuyd for easier work without loss of strength from excess water). 10 yards is considered a truck load. They can hold more but it is a weight thing. Each cuyd is about 3500 lbs.


The place I used last time gets $212/cuyd plus $65 for various fees and delivery (probably not including tax), plus an extra $200 if less than 6cuyds are ordered (good to know for planning). $2185 per load plus tax.


The other supplier gets $176, $50, and $100 for under 5 cuyds, so $1810/load.


I'm making a 12 foot chute to add to the roughly 16 feet between the rear tires and the end of the trucks chute. This will keep the truck out of my forms and help me place it as close as possible. The chute will be a metal roofing panel with 2x4 sides and blocking to keep the U shape with a few feet of chain to wrap the end around the trucks chute. Pumping would be ideal, but I don't like trusting a third party pump trailer and operator where many things (show up/setup/operation) can go wrong and you've got tons of concrete coming that will have to go somewhere within 30 minutes of delivery, plus the mix costs more spec'd for smaller gravel/more sand to ensure it doesn't stick in the hose. I think a small pumper adds about $500 for a half day.


I also found the local supplier of the materials used to assemble the carports/garages. I should be able to purchase directly instead of through a third party for everything.

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