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Joining other clubs like the Caterham & Lotus Seven Club


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I’ve been trying to join the Caterham & Lotus Seven Club, yes the one based in England. I do exactly what I’m told or read or have been instructed to do in dozens of emails and still I CAN NOT MAKE PAYMENT TO JOIN!!!

After going through all the other pages if I get to the PayPal page (I often get an error message about a Bad Request) it asks for a “Name, username, email, mobile” to enter into the “Send Money” box.

The girl I’ve been emailing says there is none. There is no need; it’s just there, somehow. She even suggested I sign into my PayPal account first then go through the LoveAdmin login stuff but I still end up at the same place needing a “Name, username, email, mobile” to enter into the “Send Money” box.

In her last email she said I should just use the direct debit option. I’ve told her I’m in Canada! Plus, I don’t like people having direct access to my checking account so that isn’t happening.

How do you who are also members of C&LSC pay your membership?

Also, while I’m bitching about things… A number of people have mentioned other groups, mostly Facebook groups that I should join. Well, I’ve answered all their questions and a week later my application is still pending. Or in one case after a month it’s now asking me to join, again. What happened to pending? I guess I’m not good enough for that group.

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I joined a few years ago with no issues.  Tomorrow I'll look into what I did and give you an update.  They had a good time and publish a swell magazine.



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After countless attempts over several days I finally received the following notice via email


Caterham and Lotus Seven Club







I have no Idea what I did differently but looks like I'm in.


Still waiting for info on my membership to the Caterham C20XE Facebook Page....

Hi Dreamer,
Welcome to Caterham and Lotus Seven Club and thank you for joining. You can now sign in with the password you chose when signing up.



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Im currently waiting for appproval in the Ozclubbies forum.  Thanks, you kmow who you are, for mentioning that forum. I wouldnt have ever found it on my own.


As for the FB groups, I have had to wait a day or two. Those groups have a real problem with scammers getting in and luring victims into fake too good to be true, or even reasonable, parts sale bargians.  Dont ever send money over a FB sale.

The admins have to use some vetting techniques or possibly limiting admissions to control the trolls.

It sucks, just wait them out.


I have a shooting club membership I had to wait a year to join.  the annual renewal requires passing an on line multiple choice test of the range rules.  Every year there is some screwball question thrown in there to throw everyone off.  If you dont pass 100% before the renewal period ends you loose your membership and wait another year or two, IF the numbers fall under 800 and they open new memberships.


The only problems ive had with L7C are

1) years ago, before the great upheaval, was I got dumped because the postage cost of sending the magazine was too much.

2) auto renew didnt work and I lapsed.


The other thing to know about L7C is they are structured more like a corporation in which you are a partner, not an annonymous participant.  Something like that.  You may share some liability. You have to agree to those terms.

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Well, I'm in with the clubs, forums and Facebook groups that I think matter the most. If the others don't want me that's fine.

Now if I can figure out what happened to my Window$ Live Mail program. I can receive emails but nothing will send. They just sit in the Outbox with an exclamation sign that flashed up an error message. Something about a problem with my SMTP Server. BUT, this isn't the place for that question.

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