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  1. The Smiths doesn't do anything but speed, trip meter, and total miles. Maybe should have done the Speedhut. I put the antenna in the nose because it is kind of ugly. The signal has no trouble coming through the fiberglass and the length of the cable didn't matter.
  2. I bought a Smiths GPS speedo after I neglected to hook up the cable to the transmission. It was far less trouble than pulling the engine again just to hook it up. It matches the original gauges and actually works.
  3. Do a search for a Lucas 516. Moss Motors may have them in their Morris Minor section. tom
  4. I've had the PC680 in my car for a few years and it works just fine.
  5. Rosen makes great visors for aircraft, boats, and trucks. They have a small visor for a Mini or similar cars. The mount for the Mini visor wouldn't work for a Seven but I wonder if they would cobble something up for such a small market. https://www.rosenvisor.com/ tom
  6. Anyone else heading to Laguna Seca this weekend for the Rolex Reunion? tom
  7. Yes, actually in Buena Park. He’s Geoff Monise. I’m on the road and can send you the contact information next week. Grandson of Frank Monise the Lotus racer. tom
  8. I had a fabricator in Fullerton make my rollbar. He did nice work and it wasn’t too pricey. Tom
  9. It has been a while, but I think I went with the R4D based on their description that it was good for track and street. They have worked just fine for track days and street driving. tom
  10. I sent my shoes to Porterfield and they relined them. Choice of materials and quick turnaround. https://porterfield-brakes.com/manufacturer/brake-shoes/ tom
  11. My wife would look at it and say, "It has doors!"
  12. I don't want to take mine out of the car to loan you, but can send photos if that will help. I seem to recall that it is Triumph Herald or Spitfire, as mentioned above. You might try Chris at Sevens and Elans. He is an incredible resource. http://www.sevenselans.com/about.htm tom
  13. Inashdown, I ordered too much of the windshield to cowl rubber. if you want some let me know. tom
  14. This could be a start that might save some work. https://www.aircraftspruce.com/catalog/appages/ruddercable.php
  15. I’ve used Nisonger Instruments and been happy with their work. http://www.nisonger.com/
  16. I had mine powder coated wrinkle red, it's a twincam, and then polished the raised lettering.
  17. I got mine at Moss Motors. https://mossmotors.com/mm-506-windscreen-wipers-washers-fittings
  18. YouTube to the rescue. If Cape Cod Gateway airport is handy find the EAA chapter there and you will find people that are knowledgeable and likely very helpful. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DLpXnykw5dA tom
  19. I use a "strap duplicator" to locate holes in the frame and drill a hole in the correct place on the overlying aluminum. Quick, accurate, and easy. https://www.browntool.com/Listview/tabid/344/txtSearch/strap/ProductID/1863/Default.aspx
  20. I got mine from Demon Tweeks. Look for Pitking Mirrors. tom
  21. You might try... https://www.aircraftwindshield.com/automotive/ Tom
  22. My car is similar to yours, '82 S-3 live axle. I source parts from Dave Bean, RD Enterprises, and Moss Motors. Front brakes on my car are Girling, from a Spitfire. I sourced rear brake shoes from Porterfield. Here is a pdf of parts sources from the Lotus Elan Net forum. Chris at Sevens and Elans is also an excellent source. Lotus 7 Part Comparison List.pdf
  23. The Lotus Club of Southern California hosted an excellent event at The Streets of Willow. Very well organized, small run groups, friendly, and fun. At the end of the day I was able to drive, not push, my car back onto the trailer. This may be a first...
  24. Try Moss Motors. I think that's where I got mine.
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