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  1. I changed the upper column this week to install a quick release hub. After loosening the clamp on the column I was able to just pull the old column out by sitting in the car and pulling on the steering wheel. The new setup from Simon at Meteor Motorsports is about as close to perfect as you can get. I had to make an adapter for my old (1983) steering wheel but it was not a big deal. The adapter may have interfered with my longing for a new Momo wheel...
  2. While fabricating a patch for the hole behind the pedals created when the bell housing shattered I realized that it could become an access point to the pedals and footwell. Instead of a permanent patch I installed it with with rivnuts. Now I can lay on my back and fiddle with pedals instead of bribing my grandson to go in headfirst.
  3. I am pretty sure I have the right car for me. Live axle S-3 with a Lotus Twincam. It had been sitting for ten years when I bought it. At that time it had 12,000 miles on the odometer. Despite the previous owner telling me he had run it every month it took some effort to get it started. It has been a six year adventure to get everything right, new engine and transmission along the way, but what a hoot.
  4. A 2000 Honda Accord V-6. It was free. It is also so boring that I got the S-3 with a Twincam. The Honda is still boring, but I just don't care...
  5. Thank you. I started there and used a lot of your work to shorten my path.
  6. Nothing to do to do with the SD card size... I mount my Hero 8 on the rollbar. The video is great and the stabilization works really well. The sound is horrible due to the wind noise. I got a Rode microphone and extension cable to try various locations. After a lot of trial and error I found that mounting the mic under the dash facing rearward worked just fine. GoPro makes an adapter that allows an external mic and power supply that works very well.
  7. Give Porterfield a call. I use them on my pads and shoes and they are fine.
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