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  1. I have lots of Clecos. They are like clothes hangers, the multiply until you need them. I'm near Pasadena and if you want to use a bunch they are available. tom
  2. Meteor Motorsport is where I got mine. QR hub and upper shaft already to go. No welding, machining, or other drama. And they are a pleasure to deal with... https://www.meteormotorsport.com/
  3. JEGS has them in stock and will ship next week
  4. Owners of vintage Airstream trailers are somewhat obsessive about polishing aluminum. Vintage Trailer supply has a pretty good page on how to do it, and they also have the supplies. https://www.vintagetrailersupply.com/blog/how-to-polish-aluminum/?sscid=61k5_umx61 Tom
  5. Years ago I began the process of polishing the propeller on an airplane. One of the airport regulars suggested corn starch to clean the sticky black residue off of the metal. A little corn starch on the polishing cloth and the black stuff comes right off.
  6. These work well for baseball hats. https://capsurz.com/
  7. Was the car registered in Washington and can it meet the smog requirements, i.e. catalytic convertor and all of that stuff?
  8. I would like to buy the rivnut tool. I'll PM you when I get home in an hour or so. Tom
  9. I had trouble finding replacements and ended up sending my shoes to Porterfield. They relined the shoes and sent them back right away. https://www.porterfield-brakes.com Tom
  10. Thanks. I'll just stick to using a real camera from this point forward...
  11. Sorry about the upside down one. I haven't had my coffee yet...
  12. When I pulled out the breaker boxes it looked like the female connectors were about the same size as the connector on mini sized fuses. They plugged right in. I bent up a piece of aluminum to make sure they stayed in place and secured it with screws and rivnuts. It is not a perfect solution but then the headlights don't randomly turn off any more... Tom
  13. I looked for them over several years as mine were getting weak and popping. I thought I found some on eBay and bought them but they do not have the proper connections. The ones I bought were used a Rolls Royce for the electric windows. I finally gave up and installed fuses that fit right into the connectors. Not elegant but it will work until I get around to taking off the cowl to do it right. I'll take a picture today if you want and/or I can mail you the ones that I am not going to use. Tom
  14. I changed the upper column this week to install a quick release hub. After loosening the clamp on the column I was able to just pull the old column out by sitting in the car and pulling on the steering wheel. The new setup from Simon at Meteor Motorsports is about as close to perfect as you can get. I had to make an adapter for my old (1983) steering wheel but it was not a big deal. The adapter may have interfered with my longing for a new Momo wheel...
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