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  1. Resurrecting an old thread alert! I am running a 2.0 Duratec in my Birkin and also have an issue with the warm-up time seeming long. Now, to throw a few variables in, I am running a Davies Craig electric water pump with their pump and fan controller. The max temp is set at 190* and the pump and fan seem to be functioning as designed, gauge rarely reads over 195* even on a hot NorCal day. The pump controller runs 10 seconds on/30 seconds off to 20c below the set temp then 10 seconds on/off to within 5c of set temp then full on.The odd part of the system is that it is set up to run the cool
  2. I intentionally avoided the term "roomy"... I don't track my car, for street it works for me but maybe in the more dynamic track environment it would be nice to have a bit more room.
  3. I'm 6'-2" and about 255lbs and drive my Birkin S3 pretty comfortably even on a 100 mile day. Standard floor with the Birkin padded "shell" style seats and fixed steering wheel. The seat is moved back as far as it will go and the pedal box is as far forward as the adjustments will allow. And yes, I need to wear my skinny shoes in order to use one pedal at a time. I do have to look through the top of the windshield frame some of the time. I'm in NorCal about 30 miles east of Sacramento, if you find yourself in the area you are welcome to have a test sit. Chris
  4. He took the shortcut home, we went the long way as should always be taken (when the wife allows, of course...). Chris
  5. I have a very similar car from TMW that I rebuilt and detuned to get all dialed in and am in the process of bringing the HP back up. The car is an absolute hoot, you'll love it!
  6. I don't believe so, the DOT headlight replacements all seem to be pretty pricey with the JW Speaker units often leading the way. There are companies pushing H4 LED replacement bulbs but stay away from the low cost units as they often produce less light than the halogen bulbs they are replacing and some only allow one beam, no high/low function. Also scattered light can be a real issue with the lower cost replacement bulbs. If you are concerned about street legality anything but a certified complete replacement insert will not pass inspection. Another unit from a competitor is this one fr
  7. They do but the automotive lamps are slightly different to keep the Harley unit exclusive.
  8. As much as I hate to recommend a competitor... http://www.truck-lite.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProductDisplay?storeId=10001&productId=92025 http://www.jwspeaker.com/products/headlights/#product=500463 These are both popular conversions that are DOT/SAE legal. The Truck-Lite product looks a bit more like a conventional lamp. Chris
  9. Kiyoshi, I have a customer in Walnut Creek that is a well respected machine shop in the Bay Area. This is a pretty old school shop that does machine work on all sorts of engines from american V8's to Ferrari. They have vintage Ferrari blocks sent to them from all over the country and some international. Morgan's Machine and Marine 1285 Parkside Drive Walnut Creek 925-939-7346 Ask for Chris and tell him that Chris from PIAA sent you Chris
  10. Careful now, I resemble that remark! Wait... The Californian part, not the Russian brides from xcarguy's searches.
  11. Yah, I saw that picture and thought "wow that oil filter is going to hang really low, I hope he has a skid plate for it..." Being a Duratec I was also surprised you could run the S2K engine on its side. Thanks for clearing that up. :jester: Chris
  12. You will want a cam locking tool for this job as mentioned in an earlier post. These kits (at least the Duratec units) usually come with thread in crank stops as well. Example here on eBay: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Massive-Absolute-Cam-Timing-Alignment-Tool-Set-Pin-Bar-Zetec-2-0-Focus-SVT-ST170-/261508694272?hash=item3ce3220100&item=261508694272&pt=Motors_Automotive_Tools&vxp=mtr Chris
  13. Great video, looks like a great time! Running well over 140 in an open car must be a rush. Now, a bit off the subject but... Can anyone explain the odd camera movement and the flexy look it gives the roll cage? Chris
  14. Hi Martin, First off welcome to the forum. I own a supercharged Duratec Birkin built by TMW and would love to give you any insight I have on the car and TMW. Dick is a good guy, helpful and as you said he is passionate about these cars. With that said his mechanic does not necessarily do things the same way I would. I purchased the car from TMW and it was very honestly described as a whole, any issues I had with the car laid mostly in the details. A car like the Seven will always need some sort of fetteling, it's part of the "charm", but I did need to change/fix a few issues fr
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