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    I had wanted a Lotus/Caterham Seven since 1961; I finally bought a Caterham Series 3 kit in 2007, assembled it in Colorado over the next three years, and drove it from Colorado to Anchorage, Alaska in August of 2010. I have the Cosworth 2. 3 Duratec with 6-speed transmission, and a number of c/f bits..
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    cars, brass instruments, books, outdoors
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    attorney -- natural resources
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  1. @rdhunt1 -- the drilled and lightened aluminum car jack is from a Porsche 944. As it turned out (after all that work lightening it), it is only a few qounces lighter than the stock Caterham (Ford?) jack.....but the ounces make the pounds...
  2. Thanks John C. and Skip for filling in photos of the details of my luggage rack, before I could jump to it. Most of the details are apparent from those photos. The rack is fabricated from aluminum tubing, with bends made on a hand-powered pipe bender, pop-riveted together for the most part, but welded by a professional shop at a few places. The basic frame is a square tubing "ladder" that fits over the spare-tire stub mounts, and is fastened at the top by nylon web straps to the rear roll-bar mounts with a clevis-ring arrangement. So the weight of the rack and contents is divide
  3. Sorry I'm late to the party. Scannon let me know that this thread was running. I've been remiss in not following USA7s more closely of late -- too busy at work, I guess. Yes, i cut my spare tire carrier off about 2 inches from the body. My purpose was not to run without my spare (I like both the balanced look and the rear-impact protection of the spare tire), as well a certain measure of flat-tire insurance (though I run different width tires front and rear). My reason for cutting the tire bracket off, and then re-installing it, was to use it to support my custom rear luggage rack
  4. typos corrected...... Could you give some details on the custom gas tank? I assume it is not a fuel cell, but a larger-capacity aluminum tank? I have been mentally brainstorming way I could increase the capacity of my stock tank, but have not committed anything to metal yet. Tom Meacham Anchorage
  5. There was a segment on NPR Morning Edition today, marking the 50th anniversary of the release of the first episode of The Prisoner. See: http://www.npr.org/sections/monkeysee/2017/09/29/554067095/number-six-at-50-the-fiftieth-anniversary-of-the-prisoner The 17 episodes of The Prisoner became increasingly surreal, and its finale left the situation unresolved and its viewers split into two camps -- a first for a television series, according to the segment. The NPR segment did not mention Number 6's mode of transport, but KAR120C can be heard accelerating away as the segment ends.
  6. Dave, Your present stable shows clearly that your next vehicle should be a Seven, preferably of the Lotus or Caterham variety! You might check out the Seven that is presently up for auction on the Bring a Trailer site (http://bringatrailer.com/listing/1995-caterham-super-7/) for some running commentary on Sevens and their foibles.
  7. Mike, that's what i've been thinking, for a long time.... A set of c-f clams would accent and set off all of the other c-f presently visible on my Caterham -- as well as just being classic, and cool.
  8. NEW CF Clamshells? Does anyone know of a source (from anywhere) for NEW CARBON-FIBER clamshells? I heard a rumor a couple of years ago that they were available from a supplier in Japan, but I could never locate them.
  9. John, Excellent suggestion. Yes, I have my original Caterham wheels. I didn't know who made them, but will now contact KN in UK for some information. -Tom
  10. Seems like somebody could formulate a "low-temp" epoxy for use in powder-coating aluminum wheels exclusively, say in the 325-350 degree range....... I have contacted a few powder-coat firms who apparently do a lot of aluminum wheels, and they almost scoff at questions about the suitability for aluminum wheels. Not good for business, I assume.....
  11. Another solution (not the least expensive, I'm afraid) is to go with the Duratec dry-sump system, and eliminate the filler cap entirely..... I bought a Reverie carbon-fiber valve cover, and had the filler hole deleted. The c-f cover looked great on the car, but would not seal tight against the head, and oil leaks resulted. i sent it back to Reverie to be checked and re-surfaced, and have not yet installed it. But this route does eliminate the filler hole and cap....
  12. Mike, Actually, i wasn't thinking of the weight of powder-coating.... But I know,"the ounces make the pounds." I'm looking at powder-coating as offering range of colors, I hope close to the painted Audi color that I have now. Thanks for the advice!
  13. This question may have been discussed in the distant past, but I'm getting serious now. When i built my Caterham in 2007-10, I had the Caterham wheels custom-painted in an Audi silver-gray color by Wheel Enhancement, the specialist Porsche-wheel outfit in California. Wheel Enhancement told me that they don't powder-coat aluminum wheels because "the heat needed to cure the powder-coat will soften the wheels." The wheels looked great -- for a time. Well, the custom painting hasn't worked well overall -- the paint has easily chipped off of all sharp corners on the wheels, like
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