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  1. Reading this reminds me of seeing literally the first vehicle to drive past me when I stepped out of the train station in Osaka Japan in 2017, which must have been a legally licensed for road use vehicle, as I understand they were from a popular rental business (which I believe was only shut down due to a lawsuit from Nintendo, not for safety or equipment violations).
  2. Caterham are not legally able to sell a new car anywhere in the USA, including MD. They sell only new car parts and kits of new car parts in the USA. This might seem nit-picky at first glance, but it is a critical distinction. Sounds like bumpers fall off in MD almost as much as front plates fall off in CA. I blame cheap counterfeit fasteners!
  3. This may help: https://www.semasan.com/resources/everything-you-need-register-and-title-your-hobby-car-all-50-states Best of luck, sir. edit -- PS - Please don't listen to people who offer advice on the dubya-dubya, as it can be difficult to tell if they know their schtuff or not, especially with many states having different processes and things changing as the years go by. Best to acquire first-hand knowledge through a reliable source such as your local motor vehicle department's web pages, SEMA, etc.
  4. I wonder if that press release was originally issued yesterday, on April 1st?
  5. They make a variety of electric vehicles. Their folding scooter/bike thing is nice. Japan has a few decades of experience making micro cars. Here's a photo from 2003 showing a Mitsuoka MC-1 (for reference, the guy in the photo is 5-7"). REF: Blaze Japan home pages: https://portal.blaze-inc.co.jp/ Mitsuoka Japan home pages (see "Production History" tab for the micro cars, and also their Zero-1 7 replica; my brother-in-law bought the Zero-1 prototype from the factory, which was the first 7 I ever sat in, but he sold it long ago): https://www.mitsuoka-motor.com/global/
  6. A Duratec sound (with apex overshoot!):
  7. I carry a set of three juggling practice bean bag balls ($10-12 bucks on Amazon) in the car whenever I drive the Seven, to throw into the body panel of any car that threatens to collide in a low-speed or parked situation, such as a car/truck/SUV in front of me at a traffic signal that decides to reverse. My thinking is, when the bean bag makes contact - *THUMP* - that will immediately get noticed and the driver is most likely to stop and REALLY look, and most likely get out and look. And the bean bag is very unlikely to cause any damage at all to the other car. Haven't used 'em yet, but hav
  8. Saw this site referenced on a different forum. Currently no users with a 7 from what I saw. Searchable by track, car, driver. I have no affiliation or anything; just looked cool. https://www.tracklaps.net
  9. I went through this as well, getting the MBE 9A4 working with the Cosworth YD8048 engine loom. I'm not sure if there may be pin assignment differences between the ECUs or the harnesses? Happy to help if I can.
  10. Sean

    New Build

    That sentence still works just as well with the nouns on either end swapped.
  11. It seems to be the most popular SLA choice, but I have always preferred the PC625 over the PC680.
  12. Long ago on the Blatchat of old, I learned of a British furniture polish called Aristowax non-silicone Wood Silk being used to good effect on carbon fiber parts. Works for me, though like anything else for this purpose, it has to be re-applied frequently. Not readily available in the U.S. typically, but I found it on eBay as well as the occasional online specialty store. Best of luck.
  13. Wow, our commander in chief is really making us look bad lately. First the light/disinfectant thing, and now the petty tweets today. Wherever one stands politically, this is just getting embarrassing for us all.
  14. Sean


    I think I may have once visited that “gynecologist’s” web pages. :leaving:
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