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  1. Was discussing earlier this week how Microsoft Office products still use an image of a 3-1/2" plastic disk as their "Save" icon. And don't get me started on "dialing" a phone! Repair looks great! Makes sense that a sand rail shop would be a good choice for this work.
  2. The engine mounts on my Caterham seem to be a consumable item. So when I bought replacements, I bought about a half dozen, from Rock Auto. Uro P/N C18556 (as above). Current Rock Auto price showing as $6.61 USD. I'd be interested to try the Vibra-Technics improved version, available from Burton or Vibra-Technics, but I don't have the additional 3.5mm of under bonnet clearance to spare.
  3. That 3-in, 2-out muffler looks like a M.C. Escher design! Overall, the car reminds me a lot of the 1996 Mitsuoka Classic Type F.
  4. To sum it up: Changing the harnesses is one method, but it's typically time-consuming and fiddly to do. Assuming your boys are around 5+ years of age, an alternative approach would be a drop-in booster seat, which in my experience is far easier to install and remove. The snag with this method is locating a booster that fits, and getting it at a reasonable price - those Volvo ones are EXPENSIVE from the manufacturer! Raise the bridge, or lower the water; whatever works best for you. I got lucky and found my booster seat used on Craigslist locally for $20 US. Had to drive over an hour each way to get it, but it served me well. Best of luck, sir.
  5. To be clear: I would never attempt or consider using a infant seat in a 7, and would urge others against it. A booster seat is different, in that it doesn’t attach to the car at all, but just acts as a shim to locate the pelvis and upper torso of a toddler’s smaller body in the appropriate point relative to the safety belts to function as intended. Booster seats are typically for kids of maybe 5+ years of age.
  6. I always use in-ear foam earplugs for myself (important to be properly inserted!), and a full over-the-ear headset of the type one might see in a workshop, gun range, or vibe/acoustic test facility for my kid. In child size, of course.
  7. Don't know what seats you have. I used a Volvo booster seat with my Tilletts. Worked great. I gave mine to another Caterham owner (who also had Tilletts in his 7) once my child outgrew the need for a booster, but here is a photo of one identical to the model I had, and the second photo showing the current version from the Volvo accessories website. I assume the new version would work as well as the old one, but can't say for sure. Best of luck. edit -- located a photo showing the Volvo booster in the Tillett with my backpack in there. I was too lazy to take out the booster that day, I guess.
  8. The goal is to make your 7 better, and changing the gearbox from a Type 2 to a Type 9 is... 7 better.
  9. Units of measure are critical. A tonne weighs a good bit more than a ton. And a pound of feathers really does weigh more than a pound of gold.
  10. For reference, various drivetrain loss values for 141 whp: 15% -- 165.9 20% -- 176.3 25% -- 188.0 30% -- 201.4
  11. Also, another one with an upper "half-door"...
  12. At the bottom of the sticker it reads: "COMMENTS: SB100 Seq# 2021-111inspection body" That statement on there has me thinking you should have no issue, as the proper no smog path in California is 1) SB100, with 2) body inspection (as opposed to engine inspection)
  13. My 2006 car was supplied with this badge. There are many varieties out there.
  14. Congratulations sir! Suggest you edit the thread subject line as follows: IS: CAN register in California - Yay! (or similar) WAS: cannot register in california
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