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    69 year old sports car enthusiast. Not much of a mechanic, really not that good a driver, but I enjoy trying.
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    Okaloosa County, FL
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    Panhandle British Car Association, President AF EOD MBI. Sports cars (all nations), Cigars
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    Retired now. 30 years USAF, 10 years Munitions Response contractor
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    Caterham 7 SV
  1. Good to know! I have FOUR of their two-color weathertech car covers, and I have just ordered their ceramic polish for my new C8. Of course, they told me NOT to use it until the car is 90 days old--that will be 11 April. Thanks for arranging and thanks for posting
  2. I addressed this in my original comments regarding the EXCELLENT "Smithology" article mentioned above. My car was built in 2007, picked up on 30 October 2007. It currently has 18,000 miles on the odometer. I am very proud of each and every mile, but my excuses (included in my post earlier) are the heat of the car vs the heat in Florida's summer; my employment, often overseas, until November 2014; my degenerated hip, surgical correction, and subsequent recovery, for approximately one whole year; the wife and I owned--until recently--SEVEN cars, including 5 convertible sportscars,
  3. I agree, very good--even fantastic!-article on the Seven. I am not a writer--never will be, so while I am not at all qualified to comment on this great article, I would still like to expand on two points: First, the article makes it sound like the engine comes in a crate along with the crate containing the body. I know Federal Law has changed and is changing, but in many States, esp. Florida, the engine MUST be procured entirely separately from some other major, serialized, component, usually the chassis/body. State laws may someday update to mirror the 2013 Federal change,
  4. Beautiful car. Maybe I'll wait for the convertible version.....
  5. Wow! Very nice high mileage 145, esp. the upgrade to what looks like the 242GT or "Turbo" sedan wheels circa early '80s. I picked up a '79 245DL at the factory in Goteburg once upon a time... My daily driver for three years in the UK, including my first trip to the town of Caterham in Southern England. Thanks for posting
  6. Wow--opening doors and roll-up windows! Pretty impressive.
  7. Welcome Yoram and Happy New Year. Sorry--can't help with your problem--I'm about as computer-illiterate as anyone owning one could be....
  8. We can't "over-emphasize" what Mark said above: You can't count on other drivers seeing the Caterham--or any LSIS--cause some of them don't pay that much attention. You MUST look out for them. While a bright paint job may help, I wouldn't count on it too much.
  9. Or you could convert to LED bulbs which probably won't need replacement, and use something like weatherstrip sealant to glue the lens to the white base..... Just a thought.....
  10. Definitely a "plus 2" on what Croc and BlueBDA said: I am 6ft3in and 210 lbs, and can FIT in an S3, but my size twelve Narrow feet can't work the pedals in anything other than socks! However, my SV is perfect, even in street shoes. I know its too far for a test fit, but you are welcome to come to the panhandle of Florida and take a ride in my SV.
  11. I agree that Nathan is an irreplaceable asset in the Caterham world. He was instrumental in assembling my SV in 2007. As a side note, in addition to the "bunch of important engineering programs" mentioned in the previous post, he was allegedly responsible for the TOTALLY OBNOXIOUS turn signal "bleeping" on my car, which is NON-CANCELLING. I just wish he had been closer for follow on questions... Taber
  12. I pulled out my reg and my title today and was surprised to see that my car is registered as a "CATE" and the "primary brand" is listed as KIT CAR.
  13. AS mentioned before, this has been addressed on "BlatChat" in the past. I "fixed" mine by flipping the light switches and the turn signals along with the Hazard switch, back and forth many times. It is corrosion in one of the switches, and I NORMALLY don't use my lights or flashers very often. OF course, I use my turn signals often, and you must flip the switch ON and then flip it off, as it is not self-cancelling. It was NOT the turn signal switch, in my case.....
  14. I registered my Caterham in Florida, initially in Nov 2007, and have renewed it every year, including recently for next year, as it comes due on my birthday in September. The "category" is "Specially constructed Vehicle" and you need to find a DMV that performs the inspection. My inspector was a State Policeman, tasked with that duty. Confirms that you actually constructed the vehicle--I had attached pictures of the boxes as received, and the two separate Bills of Sale--one for the car kit and one for the motor. Hope this helps, Taber
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