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Florida To California options


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Interstate transport has been the only company that was willing to accommodate extra material to transport for a little bit of an extra fee.


As long as the trailer would fit inside I wouldn't be surprise if they'd be willing to entertain that.


Overall was very happy with the company.  

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17 hours ago, Brightonuk said:

OK the car was sold but it is still sitting at my house 

The guy cannot seem top get it moved from Fl to Ca on the trailer on a transporter any suggestions on companies that can undertake this 


This is the trailer (add the car on the trailer)


When I had to move a trailer and race car from West Palm to NJ I used Pegasus Transport out of Lake Worth, Fl (754) 777-6141

Since the trailer is the obstacle, that is what you need to search for in regards to transport companies if Pegasus is not to your liking. As for Uship, sure, if you want to be spammed for 6 months after the job is completew with people still bidding on your job, or want to let someone with no real world experience move the trailer and car, go for it. I tried them once, 5 years ago, and still get monthly emails from people asking if I ever got the job done.



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