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Anyone going to 2021 New Hope Auto Show?

Al N.

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@Al N.Steve N and myself will be there.  We are meeting at 9am in the parking area then walking over to the displays.  Wil and Sandy De Groot will also be there with a Ferrari of his that I suspect I paid for...



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And @BessieTheSeven   with @Al N. (seated) and @S1Steve (standing) in the background.







This Pemberton was a work of art.  BMW bike engined twin.  Citroen @CV gearbox and suspension bolted onto a custom chassis.  All bespoke body work.  The boat tail is actually fiberglass with a coating to resemble real polished ali.  Look at it closely and you would suspect it has been english wheel turned.







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A number of your have met Lou and his Lotus 59 Formula Ford at the NJMP annual sevens event.  We let him run with us as the car is amazing and he is quite quick like a seven.  A piece of automotive jewellery.









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