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  1. The documentation is as comprehensive as skill and detail put into this project. Looking at this is like drinking from a firehose, how long has this projected lasted so far? Well done!
  2. Is there a u-joint on the steering shaft that allows the rack to be rotated? If so, the u-joint may be binding. Could the rack be shimmed up to space the shaft upwards without adding too much bump steer?
  3. FWIW Loosen the mounting hardware of the rack and see if it can be slid sideways away from the motor. In the same thought, loosen the motor mounts and see if a similar shifting can be done. Good luck.
  4. Intermittent electrical problems can be frustrating, maybe you could burn incense and chant "Lord Lucas". (I couldn't resist)
  5. I'll give another vote for dodgy electrical connections. With the engine running, try wiggling wires related to the ignition (except ones with high voltage from coil and to the plugs) and see if it quits.
  6. The Pemberton looks to be scary fast. Skinny tires, and lots of motor for not much weight, but is a good looking project.
  7. I recall others have been down this rabbit hole before, put out a call for MD Inspection bumpers.
  8. I have gone to wearing long pants when out on a blat to prevent scorched calf. This is after adding header wrap and applying thermal barrier material to the firewall and some of the tranny tunnel.
  9. I think they are 185/70-14, it was the only 14's Tire Rack offered.
  10. Compare and Contrast 4 wheels 4 wheels 2 cylinders 2 cylinders V-2 H-2 656cc 602cc 22 HP 28 HP 1 Seat 4 seats 42" mower 4 doors Hydrostatic drive 4 forward gears Reverse Reverse
  11. My guess is the system is pressurized during operation. The cap on the t-stat housing should have a spring to hold the sealing surface down. A new cap rated at 10 to 13 psi is an inexpensive experiment.
  12. FWIW recheck the electrical connections involved in the clutch replacement and ground connections.
  13. The bracing on the dash looks to be S3.
  14. That T-stat sounds suspect. They are a low budget item and you should have a choice of operating temperatures.
  15. Did you Bring a Trailer?
  16. A 2000 lbs 7? At least you could get the tires hot.
  17. I've had the cable shield out of place happen and cause excessive revving also. A little bailing wire and tie-wraps so so you can tame that.
  18. The graphics are all wrong on the packaging... I have to use this stuff, my Cat keeps marking its territory.
  19. The Donkervoort D8 GTO should be in a Transformer movie.
  20. In the close-up photo "CATERHAM" can be seen, so it must be all theirs.
  21. It's back! www.atlantabritishcarfayre.com After being canceled for 2020 it is scheduled for Sept. 11, 2021
  22. Was it done before or after marijuana was legalized?
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