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  1. A few items I have picked up over time. - RT 5 front wing - 1984 Arrows Front disk - Xflow clutch disk
  2. Several years ago, with the engine out I did several things to reduce the heat impact on the passenger area. - Power coating of the header - Wrapping the parts of the header inside the engine bay - Stick-on heat insulation to the bulkhead and down the trans tunnel Since it was all done at the same time, I couldn't say which had a greater impact, but it was a big improvement. As to moisture, the car stays inside since I don't put the hood on I avoid the wet.
  3. I've had that happen also. It's good to figure it out before you have a two part bolt.
  4. I got a set of Dunlop summer tires from Tire Rack 185/60-14. The tread wear is 200 as I remember.
  5. FWIW I used the basic stand form Harbor Feight.
  6. I'm guessing this is a crossflow with Webbers.
  7. I installed a set of these a few years ago, look and work great. Samco red coolant silicone hose set (3 hoses): Caterham Ford X/Flow 1600/1700 (burtonpower.com)
  8. This year it's on Sept 10, 2022 Atlanta British Car Fayre - Annual British Car Show
  9. " And that it wicked fun." and in a church parking lot!!!
  10. I recently found some string loke products called "CAPSUR" that help for lower speeds. I also have the WWI style leather flying helmet that I combine with goggles. If I wear a matching cloth facemask I can be The Stig's grandfather, grey beard and all.
  11. A picture is worth a 1k words.
  12. +1 for wrapping the exhaust at least under the bonnet.
  13. Before pulling things apart, how is the oil level. Low oil level will cause issues.
  14. My car has a master cut off that is under the scuttle out of sight. It is for battery protection and an added security feature. If the switch is out where everyone can see it, EVERYONE can see it. I have been going to the Petite LeMans forever and they have the grid walk before the race. Anyone and everyone are allowed around the racecars on the front straight. At least once someone has turned a master switch OFF. The crew was going nutz trying to get the car to start. They did get it going, but it is a lesson. Some people just cannot resist a big red switch.
  15. I also have pondered going dry sump on my 1600 xflow, what is the ball park $$$ involved.
  16. Does your catch tank need a catch tank? I couldn't resist the smart a** question. Good luck y'all.
  17. A video with a good display of acceleration will drive the BaT watchers batty! Good motor sounds will make them loose their minds. Have fun and be ready for all sorts of comments.
  18. The material should easily handle the vertical load. Rigidity of the joints is a requirement, using angle brackets and diagonal bracing to do so.
  19. Both Wankel and 2 cycle motors are "piston" ported devices. They both produce distinctive exhaust notes, in some cases ear splitting! As far as being clean or dirty in the exhaust emissions it depends. In the operational sweet spots of a specific RPM range the HCs could be lower because all the pressure waves are working together to make peak power. Real life operation doesn't always exist in the sweet spot. They have both had their place in time, and time moves on. That said, my 7 has Webers and they give the garage that "old car" smell that we don't get from FI and closed fuel systems.
  20. It looks like the bolts go thru or into the motor mount. In that case the motor needs to move a minimal distance up. This could be done one at a time. Remove bolts from one side and loosen bolts on the other side. Slightly jack up the motor and slide the old mount out and the new one in. Loosely install the bolts and lower the motor and repeat the process on the other side. As Croc noted, the trany mounts may need to be loosened to aid in this procedure. Good luck, you've got this.
  21. Be careful when you the word(s) "breakdown"
  22. BaT must have seen the error in their ways, the Westy auction now ends in 7 days.
  23. As a double check on the rings try a compression leak down test. If you are going to open the motor up it would be good to know how far you need to go.
  24. Anything is possible, reasonable? If we are talking about "reasonable" you are not talking about a 7. The first thing that comes to mind is, will it need to be emission inspected. Feasible, it's only time effort and imagination needed, oh and a few dollars.
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