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For those of smaller stature

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Bragging rights, my Baby 7 has only 3.5 HP but is capable of 35 mph and I can drive it.  I ran an autocross at the LOG in Colorado Springs and it was third from last.  The two slower entrants were electric wheel chairs.  The Baby 7 blew them away. 


It is parked next to my former Caterham SV powered by a turbocharged 1,800cc Miata engine which dyno'd at 301 RWHP and weighed 1,430 lbs.  I still have the Baby 7 and wish I still had the Caterham.2040226366_Baby7andCatConclave2016.thumb.jpg.d731ad6615ce4326966faacc729c7c9e.jpg



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The nose is probably narrower than that.  The car is 5/8th scale of an original Lotus 7.  The nose is fiberglass, the rest of the body is aluminum.  The fenders were formed using a planishing hammer.

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