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Making the Turn Signal Switch Look Like the Other Switches


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This is the silliest thing, but just figured I'd share anyway. I wanted to make the turn signal switch a little more... presentable... as the switch was old, and poorly spaced so the neck protruded more than it should. I'm also on a quest to eliminate all silver in the car for a full black-and-red theme. However, in the process of simply replacing the switch, I decided I wanted a bit more uniformity as well, and decided to fabricate a "base plate" that somewhat matched the rest of the switchgear. So I measured one of the other switches, and then used my tiny CNC to machine a baseplate out of ABS to the same dimensions. In the front, I included a depression. I then used the CNC to mill a small faceplate out of some black, anodized aluminum that I could snap into that depression. Then it was off to my laser engraver to engrave a turn signal icon into it. Placed it under the switch, and presto! Not only does it more closely match the rest of the switches, but it also serves as a spacer of the correct thickness to eliminate the neck protruding in an ugly manner!

01 Before.jpg

02 After.jpg

03 Dash.jpg

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