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What is the price of the SR27?

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Yeah, if i add up all my hardware store trips plus parts, i have about that much in my car, not counting hundreds of hours of labor, and it's still a pile of metal. This is a fantastic deal.

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We were looking to get around 3K for the trailer alone, since it cost us $4600.00. It only has 2200 miles. Here are some specs on the trailer.

It is a 7 X 16

Empty wiehgt is around 2k lbs

Rear door height is 66"

rear door width 77"

36" side door

Inside height 72"

Inside wide 80"

Outside height 97"

Electric brakes both axles

gvwr 7k


Feel free to call Paul @ (312)-804-3839

or Me (Dino) @ (224)-612-1320

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Test driving another Deman in Montréal this afternoon. That should give me the bite to go ahead and treat myself to that nice car!


As long as insurance and registration ain't too much of a hassle! :)

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Sorry I'm late to the party - just finally registered tonight, but have been watching discussion on the SR27 for sale for a while now.

My question: did it sell? Last post was over two weeks ago... I'm curious to know if it's still available. Will try to call Monday for more info.




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Picking it up tomorrow...


It will have a good home and plenty of track time!




Congrats on the car. It is a very nice car and at that price is a good deal. Hope you enjoy it hope to see that beast at some future events.

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Well, I won`t be the next owner of that Orange SR27. Dino and Paul canceled the sale at the last minutes. They are keeping the car it seams.


Maybe I'll end up building my own seven!

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