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What is the price of the SR27?

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I was just in Greenfield Park/Lincolnshire/Chicago area in general (all over the place), and my humble opinion is that there are plenty of people who could afford that right near you.


My own SR18 will have nearly that much invested and it won't look like yours, nor go as fast; nor will all of it be built professionally (although I couldn't have got this far without the boys down in Lachine!) Have you advertised it locally?

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Yes the folks here probably can afford to buy it even if it was going for $50K, but the roads here are not that great.

Plus, to a person that does not know what a 7 is, its just not appreciated.

First we post it on here to see if a fellow 7-eer would like to own it, than we move on to the public

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It is registered as a 1959 Lotus 7. This way we do not have to take it to emissions, and we get to drive it on the road without a windshield if we wanted to.

Do you know anybody that is interested?

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We are also selling the trailer with the SR27 for $32,000.00





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This is a killer deal. If I show up at home with another seven in another trailer, the cost of my funeral will be prohibitive.

nooooo, the cost would have been 30-32k.

i'll ring tom tomorrow if i can.

working this weekend almost sucks. almost. i will pass the word along to a local with a never to be finished LoCost who i did not expect to have serious intentions regarding Al's car. But if SOMEONE passes on this when it really fits the deficiencies in his previous 7....


pau/Dino: has the weathergear been fabbed yet?



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