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A friend of mine gave me this pictures of my car. From this summer.



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Head is stock from a biopower 9-5 so if I want I can drive on Ethanol. Block has Wossner pistons and ligther flywheel and all balanced.


It is clean as you say at the moment, but not for long! That EFR is BIG! I have to build a new manifold. Was hoping that it would fit the original manifold :(

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not even an aftermarket one will do ?


If I´m lucky this will do the jobb:




Otherwise I have to modify my old manifold from previus setup


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That is a sick looking power curve on that dyno sheet. That car has to be pretty quick. I was looking at an Elite sequential trans they are a little cheaper than the Quaife and handle 500ftlbs of torque. They are a few grand cheaper than Quaife and you can select gears. Im considering them for my next car.

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It is possible to remove it,and the good thing about it is that i dont

have to take the bodywork off.But dont want to have off as it looks

way better,and the most important safety ofcourse as i wasnt feeling

safe at all with out it.


Cage is a playskool one,the T45 version which is 27 kilos,instead of the 33 one.

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