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Hi there people,and am happy to be part of the USA7 community!!!:cheers:

wanted to share with you my Westfield as it was(and it never is ) complete almost a year back,has an OPEL/VAUXHALL/GM turbo engine.





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Engine produce 275 at 0.45bar and 395 at 1.05 as its a "small" but not laggy turbo 2876 with smaller housing so its handy :) its all forged and on standalone ecu.



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Fantastic car!


Do you have a video with sound? I'd like to hear what it sounds like when that waste gate dumps to atmosphere.


Any problem with blistering the paint around the exit port in the bonnet?

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It's always good to see another VX. There's getting to be quite a number of us.




Was that a turbo C20LET or did you start with an XE?

Steel crank?

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In auto-X'ing around here, the courses are set up using small orange cones. Typically no damage is done if the car hits a cone (or "cones"). Your course was set up with stacks of tires. Had you "coned", your car mite have been smashed up.

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Hot damn that's a fine car! Does the wastegate gases cause the bonnet to yellow? I had to put a turndown on my Busa muffler to keep the side of the car from yellowing.

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