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Project Beatrice. (1999 Birkin S3)


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Well the rear bumper is coming along. I should be able to have it painted by the end of the weekend. Now it's just to find some suitable seatbelts to drop in. I'm guessing a recent Miata or something similar will do.





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I went down to the garage today to do a little work and found an envelope addressed "To The Owner" sitting in the driver seat of the car. I opened the letter to find only a picture. Apparently my car was used as a photoshoot opportunity sometime recently. ???



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She was obviously not a fan of history....

None of the racers of any significance back in the day would have considered such a sissy solution....

Most unfortunate she is such a modern lass.

Maybe some dna off the seat cushion would help id her?

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Hi All, I'm sorry to have been away so long, it has been a very busy week for me.


Firstly I'd like to say thanks for all the interest and the help to get the car to the states. The legal importation was one half of the equation, unfortunately the other half is that I am in the process of getting separated and have no other vehicle once the common one gets liquidated. Unfortunately the (now) Ex has also lost her job do to the low barrel price, and will be looking to liquidate the other car she owns, and has been loaning me. Of the three vehicles we had together, She owned one outright, I owned one outright, and we shared the tow vehicle.


All this left me with a couple of choices. I had to choose between buying a cheap vehicle that could tow the Birkin, and the trailer to tow her where I need to go with future moves, Or sell her and get a vehicle that I can daily drive and hopefully race as well.


I put her up for sale asking a really high price comparatively to the other two that are on the market in Canada currently, especially when you consider there is still work to be done, and the car isn't currently road legal. On the 7th, a man came to see her and offered my asking price for her. I took his offer and she was gone that night. I know she has gone to a good home; one of a collector and she will be cared for.


I know that I will build one again when my life has sorted out this latest bit of craziness. When I do, I know more of what to expect and will be more prepared to do an even better job on it. For the time being I have fallen back into a gently loved 2008 BMW 135is, which I can drive during the cold winters here, and because it's newer than 2006, the importation of it should be relatively easy when/if I make the move.


Thanks again to a wonderful community, and all the help you all have offered to me. Without many of you, I wouldn't have gotten as far as I had with my beloved Beatrice. Next time I build, I''l have more questions and know I have a great support group in you all here.

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I'm not quite sure how to respond here; I cannot, for a moment, even pretend to be able to relate to what you are going through. For what it's worth, I am deeply sorry that you are having to endure this situation. I wish you well in the future and I do hope that you will stay plugged in with the forum. To you, Duane.......:cheers:




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