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Caterham SV Flood Car up for Auction

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This car belonged to a friend and was advertised on this forum awhile back before it became a victim of the September floods. It was built with a new Focus SVT engine and has 6,200 miles on it.


There was no physical damage but the water was dash level high. The auction company has drained and replaced fluids and changed the spark plugs and it is a running, drivable car according to them.


Bidding is at $10.5k with reserve not met. Bidding closes on December 30th at 2:47 PM CST. The title will be branded as Salvage/Insurance Loss.


If I had the bucks I would be bidding on it.

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No idea on the reserve. Not much mud as it was inside and water wasn't flowing through it. All three of his cars that were flooded in the same shop have been cleaned up and are running. I don't know how long they were in the water.


If you are serious about bidding on it I can give you contact info to talk to the former owner. He no longer owns the cars, the insurance company has paid him off and consigned them to the Crazy Ape auction company.


He pointed out that the frame needs to have some drain holes drilled in it and get flushed out and dried as water can seep in around the pop rivets holding the sheet metal on the car.


His Kirkham Cobra is also up for auction at http://www.crankyape.com/default.asp?pg=DispSingleItem&ItemNumber=44909

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Where was the flooding near Kingman AZ?


The flooding was in Colorado, this car was in Longmont, Colorado. Kingman is where the auction company is located that the insurance company chose to consign the car,

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Your thoughts on this car?

If the car could be bought for $15k or less and I had the spare cash I would buy it, go through it and fix whatever needed replacing, but I don't really need two Sevens. The car has 6,200 miles on it and was not driven hard, at least when I was blatting with it.


The salvage title will affect resale value, how much I don't have any way to judge. If you want a good car to keep and not worried about selling it any time soon and the price was right then go for it.


That said, the car has been underwater and you may end up with a car that will have problems down the road.


Here's the original thread when the car was put up for sale a few years ago then taken off the market, there are a few pictures including one under the bonnet.




The auction company charges a 7% buyer's fee added to the winning bid for sales between $10k and $30k (max of $1,050) plus a $50 document fee and will collect your local sales tax.

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Added buyer's fees
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Hi Skip,


Thanks for the information on this car. When you say water was dash high, was it to the bottom or top of the dash? Just wondering if all the gauges and controls were under water.






I don't know the answer to that one. I have a call into John to get the answer and will post it later.

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The car was flooded to the level of the horizontal panel in the engine compartment where the battery normally sits. That means the ECU was under water but the instrument panel was above the water. I would speculate that the column mounted ignition switch was likely under water since it is below the lower level of the dash board.


There was no mud in the car, just a thin white layer of something after the water dried up. The car was under water for at least 4 days, that's how long the flooding lasted in that area before receding.


He is going to send me pictures later today or tomorrow and I will post them.

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You can see where the water got to, not as bad as I thought when I first talked to John after the flood.


Since the air cleaner stayed above water I doubt any got into the engine at all. It also looks as if the ECU remained above water.

photo 1.jpg

photo 2.jpg

photo 3.jpg

photo 4.jpg

photo 5.jpg

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Concerning water in the engine, transmission and differential, the ex-owner sent me the following:


It appeared, from the oil slick trailing out from beneath the car following the flood, that water at least series seemed into the engine's sump, the transmission, and possibly the rear end.


Not sure what "at least series seemed" is supposed to mean. He sent it to me from a cell phone so some fat fingering seems to be involved.

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Options on the car per the ex-owner:


6 speed Trans

Limited slip diff, I think ratio is. 3:62/1

Brake upgrade

Leather adjustable seats

Heated (defrost coils ) windshield. (Maybe all had that).

Can't recall what else.

I had put new Odessey (sp?) battery in it recently before flood.

Not sure if that survived , but I t wasn't under water.

I believe soft top was in boot when it left here, and driver's carpet was on top of passenger's in passenger footwell.

Full doors were on car.


No lowered floor.

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I'm snickering at the irony Skip...

Have you done us a favour posting this or created a monster with a bunch bidding against each other?


That thought occurred to me as well.

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Well, for the record, I will NOT be shilling for anyone, nor will I be bidding at all. If I had not collected all the bits to upgrade (no flame wars as to the validity of that statement) our early Caterham basketcase to a Zetec then I would be in there like a dirty shirt! Plus, it is a nice time of the year for a trip to somewhere away from the ice, snow, and cold temps of eastern Ontario.

Maybe in my next life?

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Run as fast as you can!! It is way over value now. A flood car is only good for parts and then you have to dissemble them down to basic parts and wash the silt off and the treat the rust before use. the frame would be the same all of the interior needs to be treated. These things (flood damage) come back as night mares.

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